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Festival Fans

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Tahoe City, Jewelry Maker

Moonshine Ink: Why do you love festivals?

Lauren Bobowski: So many reasons. I love festivals because they give you something amazing to look forward to in the summer. Lots of music, lots of good food, all your friends. My group of friends definitely bring 110 percent every time. We have our own themes, special nights where we all dress up. It’s just a time to completely be free, get creative, and have a lot of fun.

MI: What was your favorite festival from last year?

LB: High Sierra is [July 5 to 8], and probably will always be, my favorite festival. Because it’s so close to Tahoe and it really just feels like it’s in our backyard. There are so many of our friends that go. You see everyone from the guy at the grocery store that you don’t know but recognize to all your friends. It’s a lot of fun and just a good family-oriented festival. You can let loose, but also bring your kids. It’s just fun for all ages.

MI: What festivals are on the list this year?

LB: High Sierra, of course. Wanderlust, and Burning Man if I can get a ticket, which is, I think, the same question everyone has.

Commons Beach [Music on Sundays] is really fun because I can ride my bike down. It’s such a great social gathering, and I love that. Truckee Thursdays are awesome. One of my friends is always in the band that’s playing. We’ve got some pretty good local festivals. And the Tahoe City Farmers Market — that’s my other thing. I try not to miss it.

MI: What’s your festival must-have?

LB: My sweet umbrella from India that’s embroidered. It’s really hot out there. And my CamelBak so I can have lots of water, and of course some beer, snacks. And my bike. I bring my bike to any and every festival. And if I can ride my bike to the festival, that’s even better.

MI: What’s your secret to a successful festival experience?

LB: Definitely be prepared before you go. The more preparation you do, the easier it’ll be when you get there. And then I think just go with an open mind. It’s great to look at the schedules of all the music, but it’s great to sometimes walk into a venue with a band you haven’t heard and all of a sudden you have a new favorite band. ~ Julie Brown/Moonshine Ink

Look for Lauren Bobowski and her jewelry, Lala Design Studio, at Wanderlust in Squaw Valley this year, where she’ll be selling her handcrafted pieces with semi-precious stones, solid sterling silver, and 14k gold-filled wire and components. Info:

Alpine Meadows, owns Willards Sports Shop in Tahoe City

Moonshine Ink: Why do you love festivals?

Kimberly Schembari: We love to dance. And we love to dance with lots of people.

MI: What was your favorite festival from last year?

KS: We missed High Sierra, and usually High Sierra is our favorite festival. We love Wanderlust. Wanderlust is a festival with a lot of spirit, which is unique. It’s a very spiritual festival, and the kids were able to jump out and do yoga anywhere.

MI: What festivals are on the list this year?

KS: We’re going to do High Sierra and Wanderlust, and we’re not quite sure what else yet. We’re trying to focus on work this summer. [As for local music], we do all of that. We don’t miss any of it. We are always at the Commons Beach concerts and at Squaw for Bluesdays. If there’s any music that’s going on locally, we make sure that we’re out.

MI: What’s your festival must-have?

KS: With children, we must have the chariot. It’s a double stroller, and it packs it in. We can have an ice chest in it, two kids in it; we can have it filled with gear. Snacks and treats and glow sticks. [We also must have] costumes.

MI: What’s your secret to a successful festival experience?

KS: I think being prepared. Making sure that I have snacks and water. I have to always have a sarong too, because I have to have shade and be able to make a shade structure. And then going into it with a really positive attitude and trying to share that with everybody. Dax [her husband] is always trying to dance with everyone around me, more so than even me, because he’s trying to get the crowd going. ~ Julie Brown/Moonshine Ink

Tahoe Vista, event producer, DJ, and artist manager

Moonshine Ink: Why do you love festivals?

Zsa Zsa: I love festivals because they help me evolve as an individual. My soul feels renewed after each one! I love connecting with new people, heckling, learning about new music, and taking workshops. I also love working for festivals because it is incredibly rewarding for me to be part of a team that brings so much happiness to people.

MI: What was your favorite festival from last year?

ZZ: Lightning in a Bottle and Raindance got a tie in first place. Both are very different festivals, but both are equally my favorite. LIB is more of a large-scale festival, 10,000 people, and is focused on art, sustainability, and music. Raindance is smaller and more intimate with only 600 tickets sold, and focuses solely on music.  Raindance books some of the best and most sought-after underground acts on the west coast like QUADE and Tipper.

MI: What festivals are on the list this year?

ZZ: I’ve already checked three major festivals off my list including Lucidity, Coachella, and Electric Poncho. What a great way to start off the festival season, and a bit early, too, with Lucidity on April 13. Yet still to come on my list are Lightning in a Bottle, Raindance, the Bounce Festival, Human Nature, Photosynthesis, and possibly Burning Man.

MI: What’s your festival must-have?

ZZ: Besides the usual rubber chicken, megaphone, and bubba keg, homemade costumes are a must have. Putting together an interesting look or extreme fashion statement is always encouraged. Electrolytes, coconut water, and natural stimulants like yerba mate or raw cacao are really important and great to have. I always bring Lulu’s Chocolate bars to festivals and a positive attitude. Remaining positive can be challenging at times especially when you are trying to sleep and someone is blasting dubstep. If you find yourself becoming jaded at a festival, a definite must-have item at any festival is the Jaded Review online guide, for your guide to hippie watching.

MI: What’s your secret to a successful festival experience?

ZZ: Being independently sustainable is very important for my festival experience to be successful. I bring everything I will need for camping and comfort including my own stove, small tent, shading, a cooler, and water. You never know what could happen: rain, mud, or extreme sun. Being prepared for all types of weather is essential. Make sure you bring food. I like to try the food vendors, but I’m not dependent on them as sometimes they are unreliable, the lines are really long, or I might not like the food offered … Good walking shoes are also a must! As much as I want to be sporting my stilettos, I also want to be able to walk from stage to stage without being in pain. ~Lindsay Ray Curtis/Moonshine Ink

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this article sure is fun, just in time for festivals! great to hear about Tahoe's local music scene too....

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