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The Next Chapter in the Adventures of Mark and JJ

Moody's revitalized, Campo established
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A decade ago, a chef and a restaurateur joined forces and opened Moody's Bistro & Lounge. They say their skill sets complemented each other — the chef's fiery energy pushed the restaurant forward, while the restaurateur built the foundation of the business, managing the books, booking the music, taking care of the details. Together, they took Moody's to levels of greatness that neither had expected — they served the rich and famous, made headlines, won awards, supported the community.

Ten years later, a new door is opening for chef Mark Estee and restaurant manager JJ Morgan.  

Chef Estee, who is always driving forward, is always looking ahead, and is never satisfied, wanted to unleash his creativity on a new project — Campo, a restaurant that is inspired by the tastes and flavors of rural Italy and embraces Estee's passion for local, sustainable, fresh ingredients, and 'whole hog' cooking. Estee says that Campo, which opened in Reno this past November, reflects his own loud, boisterous personality and is the culmination of his entire career thus far. At the same time, Estee expanded his Truckee burger joint, Burger Me, to a second location in Reno.

Meanwhile, Morgan is going back to the roots of Moody's with adjustments that will make the restaurant more sustainable and more approachable than it has ever been before.

When the economy soured, Moody's felt the effect. And the downtown Truckee eatery hit a crossroads. But its founders, who both view Moody's as a first child, were never willing to let it go. In a hard time, they found a way.

Over the fall, Moody's shut its doors for some self-evaluation. The physical changes are mostly subtle, and enhance Moody's original atmosphere and vision — a two-toned bar, a booth removed for more cocktail seating, mirrors, refurbished floors, new TVs, a film projector, an extended dining room, and an improved stage arrangement for live music.  

One change, most patrons will never see. But they will taste it. Moody's purchased a far-infrared oven to bring a more social entrée to its menu — pizza. Morgan searched high and low for this pizza oven, and it is one insane piece of equipment. It cooks a pizza in 90 seconds, doesn’t require a hood, is efficient on energy, and will produce a dish that is stamped with Moody's reputation for good food.

The physical remodel, Morgan hopes, will accentuate the shift in Moody's philosophy. Morgan knows that Moody's is a place guests come for a nice dinner. But he wants patrons to experience Moody's in more ways than one: as a place to gather with friends for quick share plates, a bar to stop by for a cocktail, and a venue to appreciate good music.

Both Morgan and Estee say there is only room for one of them at Moody's, and that's Morgan. But Chef Estee will always have his hand in Moody's, even while he pursues the next project.

It's a new chapter for Estee and Morgan. And it looks like the change is good. Read it straight from their mouths as we hand the microphone over to Estee and Morgan, so they can tell you their thoughts about this transition themselves.

Estee: The partnership was perfect. We complement each other. I’m loud and noisy. He's quiet and reserved. I managed motivation. He managed money.

Morgan: When we opened Moody's, we wanted to do what we do, but together.

Estee: For me, it was fresh, seasonal, simple, local. Those are the words we used. That's the Northern California credo. We created this monster almost. It was high energy, high power, lots of fun, lots of work. It took on a life of its own … That was 10 years ago. I don’t think business was anywhere in my mind … I was thinking about cooking, creating, pushing the envelope.

Morgan: We were just trying to create the best spot going. I don’t think our goal was to be the best spot in Truckee or North Lake Tahoe. Our goal was to be the best spot, period.

Morgan: Paul McCartney — all this crazy shit happened, man. All these famous people were coming in. But when you’re in the restaurant, you don’t care about that. Because you work.

Morgan: Since 1999, we worked together every single day. We saw each other more than anyone else. You see each other more than your wife or your kid, every single day.

Morgan: We have this crazy work dynamic. If we were to work together on a daily basis right now, we would kill each other. Back when we were younger, we had the energy to put up with each other's [issues]. But putting up with each other produced that product.

Estee: I was the driving force of the push, the push, the push. I was never satisfied. I’m still never satisfied. It was only natural as time went on to try to grow a few more things. But Moody's was always the home base. Even now … To me, it's the greatest restaurant ever. And because of what had happened there, it's like your first child.

Morgan: Mark always wants to do shit from day one. You can’t keep the guy — he's never satisfied, ever. That's what makes him.

Estee: I’ve been working on Campo for a good two years. Culinary-wise, it was time for me to grow. And I think, like JJ said, after a period of time of us being together every day, it was — we had gotten to that 10-year period where we’re still great friends and we’re still business partners, but he's going his way and I’m going my way. And we respect each other enough to know that it's time to grow and excel.

Estee: He's got Moody's. He's had Moody's. He's taken it through a rough patch, making it happen … And I took my thing through a rough patch. But, at the same time, we’re always going to be connected with each other.

Morgan: When I came back to work, it got to the point where there was only room for one of us at Moody's. And I was out for a long time taking care of my wife [who passed away in 2010], and when I came back, he was like, ‘There's only room for one of us. You got this, let me go do that.’

Estee: For me, Campo, the first month has been phenomenal. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’re beating projections. I’m using all the things I learned back in 2002 [when Moody's opened] to hopefully make strides in all areas of the business.

Morgan: For the most part, right or wrong, people have always thought of Moody's as a dinner house …  We want to be known for lunch, après, bar, dinner, music … We’re still going to be able to provide that great dinner, but we’re going to have a lot more sharable and social items on the menu. We’re really expanding our price point — out. Down.

Morgan: The perfect scenario — and this is aggressive — if you were to go to Moody's three times in one week, one time you could go in for a carafe of wine and a pizza in the afternoon, one time you could stop by for a drink and a bar snack, and one time you could come for dinner.

Morgan: In life, you take shots on the chin. And you have a choice. Mark and I both chose to take the shot and stand back up.

Estee: Campo was always the chance to pull it all together. Take in the lessons learned. Make it a restaurant that fits my personality now — pasta, pizza, loud, bustling.

Estee: It's kind of cool. I have two restaurants on the river. You think about it, you can put a bottle in up here and it’ll float all the way down.

Estee: If it's seasonal it means it should be eaten now. You’re not buying things from across the country, across the world. If you’re buying things locally, you’re supporting local people.

Estee: It's pretty simple … The idea is it's good for the environment. It's good for your body. It's good for the local economy. It tastes better. And that's the way you should eat.

Estee: Using whatever is there. Anyone can grill a pork tenderloin or a pork chop … You can also get a ham, and a front shoulder, a half a head, a bunch of belly, loin, and chops, and bones, and skin, and fat.

Estee: The idea is instead of buying a rack of pork and eight chops, use it all, so you’re doing your part. If I showed you a half hog, it's 100 pounds. The tenderloin is two pounds. So what are you going to do with the other 98? If you just cook tenderloins, you’re screwing up the world in my book.

Morgan: People have been talking rumors about Moody's since the day we were open. A lot of local people thought that we were this bourgeoisie [place] … but man, Mark and I dived into the community big time. And there are some lasting things that we created at Moody's.

Morgan: I’m 46 years old. It's what I do … It's all I know. I’m stuck in it forever. It affords me a great way to raise my son. I do love the restaurants.

Morgan: Actually we changed the name — JJ's. I’m kidding. Are you ready for the name? Moody's Bistro Bar & Beats.

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Reader comments so far...

Helen Graham (not verified)
"You guys both rock, I have loved Moody's from the beginning and now have Campo to continue the love affair! Much success to both of you. Cheers Helen"

Sandy Watters (not verified)
From the beginning you could feel the heart beat, the caring. Moody's was special. The people, the staff, and of course, the food. Always the easy place to meet, laugh, and have fun, while enjoying the best food!!! Mark and JJ are both incredible and will love having their places to enjoy.

CJ (not verified)
"You are both tremendously talented individuals, from completely different schools.. So glad you were able to come together and 'stand' each other, for you enriched countless lives around you. Mark- you philosophy on food has become the cornerstone of how I eat and cook. JJ- You are the epitome of cool.. keep on keeping on. To you both, you will always succeed when you do what you love.. Congratulations on all your success. CJ"

cj (not verified)
Great Article!

DinaWill (not verified)
I love the Moonshine Ink's viewpoint on mostly everything. I take exception to this article and here are my reasons. While it is very nice to read about the dynamic that exists between the two former business partners and they are nice men. Moody's is no longer owned by either of them and your article "fails" to mention this fact. As a long time Truckee resident I have become increasingly frustrated as seemingly more and more corporations appear to be buying up all of the local businesses and real estate ski areas/resorts. I have attempted to dine at Moody's as I usually do during the month since November. I noticed all of the signs saying remodel in progress,we need more time to remodel. Ok, fine they are remodeling. THEN I noticed first week of January the yellow tag that said NEW OWNERSHIP transfer in the window. The sign said that someone named RLS Holding company is the "New Owner" of Moody's. Who is this my girlfriend and I wondered? So I googled RLS Holding company and voila it turns out that Moody's is now owned by a Corporation out of Lodi that has many wealthy holdings including a movie making company! While I enjoyed dining and supporting "local" guys that made good, I just can't give any more money to another Corporation even if they can make a pizza in 90 seconds. I guess that means I have to pick and choose in this town now because so many of these local owners must have to rely upon deep pockets in order to keep going. Is it the economy? I am left to wonder? Then I will admit I was sort of saddened to see that your article fails to inform the residents that neither of these co-founders are owners anymore. Your article seemed vague and I could not understand why the new owner does not want to be identified? Could it be that they realize that we are weary of Corporations in Truckee? I hear all the time that we are the "NEW Vail,Aspen" and that soon we will all reap the rewards of living in an uber resort town. Sigh, I just want the Mom and Pop's back. I miss O.B's, I miss the casual fun campy local stuff. I dropped in to see the new Moody's and I could barely hear myself think it is so loud. Call me a Dinosaur but if I wanted to live in Vail I would saddle up the horses and move there. I wish these men the best in their future endeavors it was a nice place to have lunch/dinner etc. I just can't stomach another Corporation.

Steven Fish (not verified)
"..the new Moody's. I wonder why the author of this article failed to mention that this corporation has taken over Moody's? I find this to be very sad and misleading. I also used to enjoy Moody's, but after researching the new owner and his holdings, I will spend my money elsewhere. I will miss Mark and JJ. Farewell Moody's. It was a good run. Another local will "good-bye". Steven Fish"

Mark Estee (not verified)
Just my 2 cents.....i am also not for corporations, box stores and chains. The company that bought Moody's is owned by a local individual, who has a few other local businesses, among many other interests in the area and beyond. So before you bite off your nose to spite your face, realize that this "CORPORATION" allows well over 80 jobs to be had in the area, the money spent here, stays here because Moody's always buys and supports local. It is funny sometimes because all the people who want local drive down the hill to shop, only support local when everything is 2 for 1, etc...maybe the conversation should be about how many people come to "local" owned restaurants 12 months of the year? How many people spend their money all in Truckee and Tahoe? JJ has put his entire life on the line to pull together what we think is a landmark restaurant and open it back for the community, not sure how much more local it gets than that! Also, do some research on the profitability of a restaurant, look how much it pays in taxes, wages, cost of goods, supplies.....there is not much left! Ask anyone....not sure a "CORPORATION" would invest in a restaurant anyway! Glad people took the time to write in because this is a valuable conversation to be apart of. thank you for the space to be a part of this. also i want to note that these opinions are mine and i am not speaking for JJ or Moodys.....just me. thanks!

Steven Fish (not verified)
You're "not sure" that a corporation would invest in a restaurant? Well, this one did. First off, thank you for attempting to clarify what many locals already do not believe. RLS Holdings has at least seven other corporation entities that Leo P Burke presides over. This is public information and it appears that he is based in Lodi, not Truckee. It seems obvious, that Mr. Burke owns businesses in other towns outside of Truckee, where he also provides residents with jobs. Does that make him a local in those towns as well? I am not trying to be a smart aleck, but as a resident of Truckee for many years, it's disheartening to see how businesses are being taken over by corporations. Honestly, I cannot fathom what it costs to run a restaurant in these economic times. So maybe the answer lies in corporations with their endless dollars taking over. This happened at Northstar, remember? Didn't they have their own agenda for suitable businesses? It is happening at Squaw, and it is happening downtown at Moody's. Ironically Mark, you're probably safer in Reno than in Truckee. Most of the places we eat are in Reno, and are independently owned and operated. All the best with Campo.

Susan Smith (not verified)
"I was also surprised that Moonshine Ink was not particularly forthcoming about the corporation that now runs Moody's. I read Mr. Estee's comments. Was he pleased with the new Northstar corporation? Baxters is gone. After 30 years the Squaw Valley Ski Shop is leaving. Were they pleased with Andy "questionable" Wirth and company? RLS Holding Company now owns Moody's. How happy can JJ Morgan really be? Wake up Truckee."

JJ Morgan (not verified)
"Hi, I think there is a misconception about a "corporation". It is a legal entity that owns a business. Mark, myself and several investors formed a corporation when we started Moody's. Now we have a new corporation operating the entire building. This concept about local this or local that is a little crazy. I live in Truckee, my son goes to school in Truckee, I shop in Truckee. Leo Burke is our friend and cares deeply about Truckee and shows it through his commitments. Moody's is Moody's. I am here every day and Mark is when we need him. You all should just come down and check it out. I am very excited about the changes we have made and you will too. The alcohol beverage commission requires you post a sign on your window if there is any kind of change of ownership. This has all been a procedural thing that has been happening but a few folks have been trying to turn this into some sort of conspiracy. Moody's is Moody's. We just feel it is now a better Moody's. love JJ"

Jeff Sunsari (not verified)
"Mark will be there? When will Mark be there? I mean, when will Mark really be there? When I know, I will come back to Moody's for that night. I think you "need" him now, judging by the new menu and the ridiculous prices. Jeff"

CJ (not verified)
I Like Food.. and Music..

Jeff Susari (not verified)
and paying ten bucks for three pieces of lettuce and a crouton..hail caesar!

BB (not verified)
I also wondered about the ownership change, and all the secrecy. Is Mr. Morgan still an owner, or does Leo Burke run the show? But even more importantly, what's with the portion size? Less is definitely not more. I wanted to give the new Moody's a chance, but I'm moving across the street, where I don't leave hungry or with an empty wallet.

R K (not verified)
I know both Mark and J.J. I helped them open Baxters. It was a great experience, they are both talented and charismatic guys that put their heart into what they do. I know this for a fact, and it is a shame to see people on here criticizing them for trying to keep on. It is a rough time for everyone in America, and things are changing at break neck speed now. A restaurant is an animal that anyone deserves credit for trying to tame. At least they are trying instead of whining. Change is part of life, get over it...

Christine Hueber (not verified)
As a local resident and business owner who appreciates good food ... I'm delighted Moody's re-opened and love the new look and menu! Change is the only constant in life. All the best to you in your new ventures, JJ and Mark!

T W (not verified)
What a pleasure to have Moody's up and running again! A number of us had been waiting for months! I was most impressed with the menu as well as the portions. I've had lunch and dinner there and compliment JJ for enhancing a great product to match the times. It's hard to get 2 people in a room to agree many times, so it's not a surprise that the naysayers jump on the wagon to express dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, more are prone to express complaints than compliments.

BB (not verified)
People have a right to complain when they order a Caesar Salad and receive three lettuce leaves and crouton. People have a right to complain when the service is inattentive and distant. People have a right to complain when they're led to believe that Mark and JJ still own Moody's, instead of corporate droids. So, to author who wants to "tame his Moody's animal", by all means do so, but you won't ever find me in that cage again.

Steven FRISCH (not verified)
"As a long time downtown resident, former tenant in the space Moody's is in, and lover of good food good wine and good community gathering places, I heartily welcome Moody's back and wish them all the luck in the world. The restaurant business is tough, as I know from experience, and we need all the great dining spots we can get downtown. Finally, please note that regardless of similarity of names with a previous poster, this is Steve Frisch, former owner of The Passage. "

Cornwallace (not verified)
Moody's was mediocre before the change and it remains mediocre. You just get less for your money now. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

frank klotz (not verified)
Since when is the word corporation a pejorative and why?

Susan Smith (not verified)
Can a corporation truly be a pejorative; then and only then can it begin to suck the living daylight out of a local business and create a lovely homogenized product for all to enjoy. Do you honestly believe that this is what Mr. Morgan had intended for Moody's? Look around Frank. Start in the downtown area and then work your way out to the ski resorts. Then, read Mr. Bunker's article in this publication.

Kristin Kohler (not verified)
I tend to agree with Ms. Smith. From what I understand, and I may have my facts incorrect, but rumor has it that unfortunately JJ no longer owns any part of Moody's. While it seems that he wanted to create a wonderful jazz club, this never materialized. The Leo Burke corporation took over and we are left with a television screen and over-priced food. These are our improvements after four months? This corporation also apparently owns the hotel. Does it look any better to anyone? I never was a huge fan of Moody's, but with Mark and JJ at the helm, I generally knew what I was getting. If enough corporations move in to Truckee, we will hardly recognize what was once decent. Money is the name of the game whether it's here, Squaw or Northstar. There's a good reason why Mark Estee is no longer associated with Moody's, and despite what the article states, he really is not coming back, even if he is "needed".

patricia Ross (not verified)
Just because there is a "corporation" doesn't mean its a bunch Wall Street fat cats. Why the corporate hysteria? Corporations can consist of one or two people. I applaud JJ for making changes to accommodate the new economy and create local jobs. Would you rather see another empty store front? I've been to the new Moody's and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and excellent service.

BB (not verified)
To the above author, rest assured that there is no "hysteria" present. It is simply a lot of "smoke and mirrors" and misleading the public as to whom the true owners are. I'm glad that you like the food, but maybe you can look under your plate and see what they're really feeding you? You are not getting the Moody's that JJ envisioned or planned. I don't even think you're getting JJ, the owner anymore. You're getting what the big money wants to give you. Plain and simple; and what happens when the corporation is not making it's profit? You have Baxsters-good bye Mark. You have ski resort shops-Good bye Squaw Ski Shop. You have 60% of the strip malls vacant in Truckee-Good bye everyone but Safeway and Save Mart. Get the idea?

Robert Ng (not verified)
I have heard from a lot people that the new owners pushed JJ out and he no longer owns anything connected to Moody's. These people sound awful and I will not patronize Moody's ever again. There are some things in life that are more important than food.

Howard Ellison (not verified)
This restaurant was closed for 3-4 months. There were talks of huge changes planned. I read about it frequently in local publications. The town was buzzing. I don't see any changes except the cool art store in the hotel is now gone. What is truthfully going on with Moody's and the Truckee Hotel? Could Moonshine possibly re-visit it's original article, and let the people of Truckee know what this corporation is really doing? Could someone be honest about ownership, JJ and Mark? Is that too much to ask? Personally, I don't care about food or portions, but I do care about honesty.

JJ Morgan (not verified)
"I never got this much ink in Moody's hey day. Hey, a corporation does not own Moody's. People do. My friends and I are the group that own and operate the building and the restaurant. I would be more then happy to sit down with anyone who has concerns about anything involving Moody's. It has been and is very important to us how we are viewed within the community. I also know I cannot please everyone. I also know first hand that rumors and misinformation get out and about pretty quickly in Truckee. We just try our hardest to put together the best restaurant we can. I am really pleased with the way our remodel turned out. I am also very proud of the fact that we are providing jobs for all the employees that have been with us for a long time. They are our friends and family. Love JJ"

Steven Fish (not verified)
I would agree with JJ Morgan that this is most definitely not Moody's hey day. Honesty, or the lack thereof has a funny way of eventually rising to the surface. Perhaps you're getting more "ink" because there's something more significant here than what's on the menu?

Sara Scott (not verified)
JJ, you have been a fixture in Truckee for as long as I have lived here. In your comment, you referred to your "friends" who own the building. Did these friends truly share your dream(s) about Moody's, or judging by the limited improvements, did they strong-arm you into something way less than you had hoped for? Perhaps that might be one of the reasons that there seems to be such uproar about Moody's and who's running the show. I was hoping, as I think you were, for something better.

Carol Moore (not verified)
Moody's has not been a worthy place to eat since Mark Estee left a long time ago. I haven't a clue who's running the show there, but one thing is certain, it isn't Mark.

TC (not verified)
Let's not forget that while the new owners were fighting about the new Moody's for almost four months, all of the Moody's family were unemployed for Christmas and beyond. Let's try not to forget that. It was not a happy holiday for many family members.

Alana S (not verified)
No joke. This is considered a "small plate" at the new Moody's. I kept my stick of gum to make it a three course meal. Mark Estee, please come back!

Karl Goetz (not verified)
I suspect that Moody's is suffering like every other downtown business. I believe that the Moody's employees were told that they'd be back to work by early December. That was untrue, largely because the Moody's new partners fought and fought. An earlier author alluded to the insensitivity of corporations, and this may be a clear example where most employees had no job during the holiday season. I would tend to agree that this fuss has little to do with with the food portions Moody's is now serving, but the feeling of general dishonesty and insensitivity towards the workers and the residents of Truckee.

Tara S (not verified)
I have been following this thread with great interest and am pleased to see the many reactions. People are really responding to the in-sensitivities and injustices that usually accompany corporate greed. In my own research, I have ascertained the following: The new corporation has (1) stripped JJ of any ownership of Moody's;(2) no new jazz club was ever built ; (3) they let the Manager of the Truckee Hotel go and have not made any improvements; and (4) they closed the Art Junkie Store because they were going to use that space, but not really because now that space is for rent for over $4.00/square foot. Are they serious? There seems to be a fair amount of dishonesty present. I really hope that I am wrong about all of this, but I don't think so. Who is really at the controls while everyone else is apparently sleeping?

TC (not verified)
For Mr. Morgan to have an article in the Sierra Sun, knowing how he feels about this publication, gives us some indication of Moody's declining status. Judging from the abundance of comments, questioning his and the "owners" honesty and integrity across a wide range of issues is truly a sad testimonial to what was once a decent place to eat. I suppose no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors, nor will we apparently ever really know the truth about the Moody's/Truckee Hotel fiasco. All we know is that as long as there are deep corporate pockets available, Moody's is probably safe for awhile.

Priscilla (not verified)
We are rapidly approaching a point that to run a business in downtown Truckee, you must either be a trust fund baby or otherwise independently wealthy. If you are neither, then you'll probably require some corporate dollars behind you. Just be careful that you don't get the boot in the behind.

Sara Scott (not verified)
According to another local publication, "Betsey Cole of Booth Creek Ski Holidays helped with the overall Moody's project." Were they thinking of putting a ski lift in the Truckee Hotel? Didn't Ms. Cole at one point represent herself as one of Moody's new owners? If this is true, what happened to Ms. Cole? Was she just another piece of the of the new ownership discord that caused so many of Moody's employees extended unemployment? Perhaps Ms. Cole had some unique insight and knowledge that prompted her to bail from this project? Will anyone ever know what really happened? Excessive money tends to foster secrecy. We all deserve to know the truth about Moody's and the Truckee Hotel.

Anniebananie (not verified)
As a former employee of Moody's, I can't say that I felt JJ's love. I was led to believe that I would be back to work by early December. That was misleading and not true. I am still waiting on my unemployment benefits. After the way everything was handled, I could not, in good faith ever return to Moody's.

rabbitboss (not verified)
I hate to see these disparaging comments about the new Moody's partner by people who really have no idea whom they are talking about. These are very hard times everywhere, especially in the restaurant business during a drought year in a ski town. It's unfortunate that the times dictate changes that some folks would rather not see. It looks like some business mistakes were made along the way in this transition at Moody's, but that is absolutely no justification for the vitriol I see here. Mr. Burke has been a part-time Truckee resident for several years. I call him local. He's the real deal, pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, and is without a doubt one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. He reminds me a lot of my friend Mark Estee: Big Heart, Big Smile. I have confidence that the new Moody's will evolve and remain an important part of the community, and also that Leo Burke will be appreciated for who he and what he does.

TC (not verified)
"For rabbitboss: Apparently you are are lucky. You were not laid off this Christmas. You were not told that you'd be back at work by the beginning of December.You were not intentionally misled. Did the new owner(s) care? I'm sorry that I can't have a Big Heart and Big Smile about this."

Howard Ellison (not verified)
I can only surmise that when one is a rabbit's "boss", you are precluded from human employee's feelings. Yes, you are right, there were BIG business mistakes. Anyone want to address them? JJ? Leo? Anyone home?

TC (not verified)
While JJ Morgan and others toyed with our employment at Moody's, many of us could have used Mr. Burke's bootstraps to feed our families.

Pam Hastings (not verified)
I was getting tired of reading all the negative reviews of the new Moody's, the corporate dishonesty, the true ownership, etc. etc. etc.. Truthfully, I really wanted to write a supportive and encouraging comment. But after eating there this week, I now see what everyone is complaining about. This is most definitely NOT Mark Estee's Moody's anymore. It is a glorified Burger Joint with over-priced drinks and tiny portions; nothing resembling the old Moody's. Service is "indifferent" at best. I can't imagine them surviving past summer with this type of food and such abysmal service. The only thing that could keep this place alive are the local alcoholics who are there before lunch and stay most of the day. Sorry Moody's, I really wanted to say something nice, but you really made it really difficult.

AlanaS (not verified)
How about Peanuts and Beer instead of Nuts and Champagne? It could be another Moody's original "small plate".

Rebecca Reich (not verified)
If you want to be upset about something, how about the high rents they charge in the downtown area, causing the "local" merchants to have to raise their prices so high it is unlikely that any "local" shopper can afford to buy anything there!!

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