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Bath Time

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I hate baths but I sure do love rolling in stuff. Goose poop is a favorite of mine but I also like a variety of animal feces. Dead fish and animal carcasses make me smell the way I feel a lady should, but my humans would disagree. My people have to wrestle me to stay in the bathtub; if I see a window to escape, I’m gone. The familiar sound of toenails scraping the bathtub followed by a wet, soapy dog running loose in the house is common. The first time getting me into the tub is difficult; the second time is almost impossible. I can put up a pretty good fight when I want to. My escapades in the bathtub led my folks to take the drastic step of hosing me off in the front yard when they thought I was dirty. I hated it. Not only was it embarrassing, but I think even Dick Cheney would consider it torture. It doesn’t really work in the winter either.

That’s why I was excited when I heard that Pet Station in Truckee has self-serve dog washing. I was so excited that I sent my brother Indy to check it out. (I said I was excited, not stupid.) Pet Station provides everything you need to keep your pooch fresh and clean. Indy chose the oatmeal shampoo, got himself some nice conditioner, and was dry, clean, and brushed in no time. It was so easy the six-year-old person at my house could do it. Indy wasn’t that crazy about the blow dryer, but we had enough towels to dry him off. We did manage to sneak in a little blow dry, just enough to make him look like a rock star. We never knew Indy’s fur could be so white, and his red patches were the color of fire. I’m starting to think he got a dye job in there too.

Pet Station charges $15 per wash with discount cards available for multiple washes. They have locations in Incline, Tahoe City, and Truckee. Your house stays clean and your dog avoids the psychological scars that can come from being hosed off in your front yard. They also carry my favorite food and support the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe.

One humane society friend that could use some support is Zazu. Zazu is the longest tenured canine resident at the shelter. She is great with people and kids, doesn’t need a lot of exercise, and loves to snuggle. She also loves car rides and casual ball chasing. Zazu is not good for homes with cats. We visited Zazu at the shelter recently and we thought she was a sweetheart. She walked nicely on a leash and was as silly and friendly as a dog could be.

If you have a dirty dog and are looking for more dog grooming options, Scraps Dog Bakery in Truckee offers self-serve washing and pet grooming. I may stop in for a spa treatment and a pedicure myself. And if you’re a looking for a new friend to get dirty with, visit

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