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Second Power Palooza Rocketing into Nevada City

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The second annual Power Palooza will come to Nevada City on Saturday, August 18. As organizer Kelly Casterson put it, 'It’s gonna be whimsical and fun and just celebratory.'

Casterson is a co-founder of PowerUp-NC, a group dedicated to greening Nevada City and in charge of the Power Palooza. 'The emphasis is about making it easy to make a difference,' she said.

Casterson and her co-organizer, Reinette Senum, are anticipating more than a thousand people and between 25 and 30 vendors from all walks of the pro-global cooling life. Every vendor will be offering you ways to combat global warming, not just more brochures for your recycling bin. There will be folks explaining everything from how to set up a neighborhood carpool, to how to power your house with the wind.

The festivities start at noon with a series of energy-efficiency workshops sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric. At 3 p.m. the 'Energy Celebration' itself will begin. The booths will open, a Toyota Prius will be raffled off, and the kids will have a chance to cook with a solar oven, plant a seed, and paint a huge mural of what they’d like their world to look like in 2050.  

'We feel it’s vital to the event that we include the children,' Senum said, 'It’s their future we’re coming together for.'
Also commencing at 3 p.m. will be a speech by keynote speaker, Michelle Long. Long is the director of Sustainable Connections, a non-profit organization in Bellingham, Washington. 'Bellingham is one of the greenest cities in America,'

Casterson said, '(Long) is going to share their story as to how that is … sort of mentor us a bit.' The advice will be pertinent to folks from farther up the Sierra as well.

Throughout the Energy Celebration, PowerUp-NC will be giving out free, fresh-grilled veggie kabobs loaded with the overflow from local farms and home gardens. Organic beer and wine, as well as live music, will compliment the vegetables. 'Last year people just had so much fun because of the dancing and music, and the wine and beer garden, and the free kabobs,' Casterson said, 'It’s basically a party with a purpose.'

At 8:30 p.m. the Power Palooza will climax. Organizers will unfurl a giant screen and a poignant film on the topic of global warming will flicker out through the warm summer evening.

Power Palooza
Where: Spring Street and the Miners Foundry in Nevada City
When: High noon, August 18
Information: or 530-470-8642

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March 14, 2019