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You “Don’t” Got Mail; and Answering the Age-Old Question, is Moonshine a Newspaper or a Magazine?

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I’ve recently been having trouble with my packages being delivered from the Truckee post office. Why the drop in service and what can I do to make sure my mail finds its way home?

Last month there were days when we had to double up on assignments and that often meant mail was delivered later in the day. Mail has different priorities of delivery and levels of service based on postage paid by the sender. When staffing is challenged, a manager often has to prioritize the order of delivery.

The good news is that we’ve been able to borrow personnel from surrounding areas and all mail is now delivered every day. To continue and improve our service, we are looking to hire several clerks and carriers. Go to to start the application process if interested.

Customers can also keep track of what is coming to their mailbox with a new, free service called Informed Delivery. After signing up at, an email is sent every morning that will contain scanned black-and-white images of the expected envelopes. In that email will also be a notification for all the packages that are destined for your address.

The Truckee Post Office entrance off Bridge Street is a fire danger and an eyesore. Weeds are waist-high and brown. People have created a shortcut off the alley that’s a path of dry dirt. This certainly doesn’t reflect well on the USPS or government agencies in general. Why isn’t it being taken care of?

We appreciate the feedback from our customers and are responding in ways that our customers will see going forward. We are working with our landlord and maintenance department in Truckee to address landscaping concerns with lasting impacts.

~ David Rupert, United States Postal Service communications, Denver

I’ve been reading your publication for decades now, and I still can’t figure out if Moonshine Ink is a newspaper or a magazine. Which is it?

It’s no secret that Moonshine is an independent newspaper — the distinction is printed on the cover of every issue — but we still get this question a lot. We choose to believe it’s because our vibrant images and quality design make our pages pop like an issue of National Geographic.

Because we only print once a month, we have a little extra time to devote to piecing together a higher quality publication than if we were under weekly time constraints. Our writers can dive deeper into multifaceted feature stories, send our photographer on more creative assignments, and give our designer added time to lay out each issue in such a way that it’s an almost a cozy experience to read it. We do all this in the pursuit of high quality, community-oriented news reporting. So, yes, we are a newspaper, but we strive to find a place on your coffee table next to all your favorite magazines nonetheless. #keeptahoesmart

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March 14, 2019