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A Goose Solution, Ban Drones at Donner

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In response to Geese on the Rise

A Goose Solution

A humane and relatively cheap solution to the messy goose poop problem that has worked in soccer fields in the Bay Area is life-size 3-D coyote decoys that move with the wind.

They are available at most sport shops that serve hunters either online or locally. The geese will not stick around upon sight of their natural predators. It is worth a try and is much cheaper than alternatives.

~ MG, via letter

In response to Tahoe’s Drones

Ban Drones at Donner

The drone article is well-written. It mentions that they are not allowed in state parks which is great. I would love it if somehow, we could ban them at Donner Lake. We have had several experiences with drone operators spying on us, including families with kids and one case where the operator was harassing us while we were paddle boarding. When we went to confront him, he packed up quickly and drove off. Not sure how that would work but would be so awesome to ban them from Donner Lake.

~ Andrew Browning, via Facebook

Meeks Fire Now Has Drones for Public Safety

North Tahoe Fire now has two video-equipped drones. Firefighters trained as “pilots” have received special certification to allow flying over Lake Tahoe.

~ Edward Miller, president, Meeks Bay Fire Protection District, via letter

Endorsement for John Jones/Jim Morrison

I’ve lived in Truckee for just over five years and in Incline Village for 12 years before that. I strongly endorse both John Jones and Jim Morrison for re-election to the Truckee Tahoe Airport District board of directors, given their commitment to the broader Truckee and Lake Tahoe communities that goes far beyond the interests of the airport. They have tangibly shown their support for a number of charitable organizations that provide much-needed support to the people in need in the area. Their initiative to bring a control tower to the airport is not only improving safety but also helping in the noise abatement efforts. Please give them your support.

~ Thomas Handley, via letter

Vote for Mary Hetherington for the Airport Board

Mary Hetherington is the best candidate running for the Truckee Tahoe Airport board. She brings 12 years of prior board experience to this position, as well as extensive knowledge as a civil/environmental engineer on how infrastructure works. Most importantly though, Mary brings a collaborative, community spirit to everything that she is involved with. As an engineer, she uses objective and logical reasoning to make the best decisions.

Mary works hard to balance the positive and the negative impacts of the airport. She is diligent in her assessment of the fiscal and environmental implications of airport district decisions. She thoroughly analyzes and is fair with the use of our tax dollars on expenditures that benefit our entire district.

Recently, I was the direct beneficiary of one of Mary’s decisions while she was on the board. I was rear-ended by a car while riding my bicycle near Chambers Landing and I sustained severe, life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, I was able to be transported by air ambulance for treatment at a trauma center in Reno from our emergency helipad in Tahoe City.

Hopefully, no one else will need to use our airport district’s helipad, but I urge all of you to support leaders like Mary Hetherington who had the foresight to fund the construction of it.

~ David Antonucci, via letter

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