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Start Acting Like a Family; Thanks to Woo

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Start Acting Like a Family

In late June, 300 of us gathered together in Truckee to protest for immigration reform, to “Keep Families Together.” Things should not be happening in the way they currently are. The goal was to give voice to the refugee/immigrant community. A lot of people don’t understand that these parents are fleeing to our shared borders to protect their children from life-threatening violence. A lot of people don’t understand the U.S. role in creating these inhospitable living environments. We spoke to encourage civil communication between all political parties to find a solution together, to not be so divided by our political identification, and for all people to recognize our equality and start acting more like a family.

As a family if one of us is sick we are all sick, if one of us has an addiction we all have an addiction, and if one of us is oppressed we are all oppressed. We encourage people to do more than post outrage on social media. Please inform yourself from a variety of reliable media sources. Take action and vote. Get engaged with groups like Truckee Indivisible or the ACLU.  

~ Angele Carroll, Truckee, via letter

In response to May’s doggie edition

Thanks to Woo

Thanks to all the Moonshiners for the dog issue of Moonshine Ink. My Dad Ed read me every story.

We Furkids are a very important part of life in our community. We provide unconditional love, companionship, and comfort during good times and bad.

It was fun hearing so many stories and learning about pups and peeps all around the Tahoe/Truckee area.

~ Woofs & Wags, Rubi Malamute Miller, via letter

In response to A Village from Scratch

Cohousing Clarification

As part of the Truckee River Cohousing group I would like to clarify that the homes will be privately-owned and the common buildings and spaces will be held in common like in a condo association.

~ Swenja Ziegler, Truckee, via online

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February 14, 2019