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Quick Bites: Blindly Tasting

The Moonshine team put their taste buds to the test when sampling beer and wine for summer
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Is it just me or does the idea of a blind booze tasting give you a bit of anxiety? It’s that worry of confusing a craft IPA with a Coors Light, or a glass of boxed wine with an aged variety. For this issue we threw some Moonshine staffers into the fire to taste-test three types of beer and three types of wine that we think are epically delicious during summer months.

While we have all been known to enjoy the occasional adult beverage, we are in no way experts, so we enlisted the help of Christa Finn and Dean Schaecher, owners of Truckee’s Pour House Wine Shop, to do the blind tasting alongside us.

Schaecher, our resident beer and wine consultant, has his answers featured for each of the six tastings. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we had to pick and choose the most informative (and entertaining) answers from the MI staffers. The results, both amateur and professional, are below.


Bellafina Prosecco

Available at The Pour House  |  $10/bottle

Moonshine Amateur: Sage the Sports Guru

• Piney taste, it’s sweet but the piney flavor adds just enough bitterness — going out on a limb and gonna say hazelnut
• Would taste really good when eating a chicken pesto sandwich next to a juniper on Mt. Tallac
• Rating: 3/5, a little too sweet but the pine scent saves it

The Professional: Dean Schaecher

• Flinty smells with the taste of lemon oil and fresh green herbs
• Would taste great with prosciutto-wrapped honeydew on Hidden Beach
• Rating: 4/5, easy, refreshing, and fun

Count Károlyi Grüner Veltiner

Available at Lakeview Wine and Spirits  |  $10/bottle

Moonshine Amateur: Lauren the Graphics Maven

• Smells fruity but tastes less fruity than it smells
• Would taste great while eating a fruit and cheese platter on top of Eagle Rock
• Rating: 3/5

The Professional: Dean Schaecher

• Lemon verbena taste with a grapefruit pith and an oily finish
• Would taste great with roast beef and sweet mustard on a blue cheese roll from PDQ in a large field of lupine
• Rating: 4/5, slightly serious but refreshing

Hogwash Rosé

Available at Zander’s  |  $17/bottle

Moonshine Amateur: Abby the Office Admiral

• Orangey, sweet rose, and fresh fruit flavor
• No food needed, this wine would make a great dessert to be enjoyed with the gals at the beach with a checkered picnic blanket
• Rating: 3/5, a smidge too sweet for me

The Professional: Dean Schaecher

• Wild strawberry taste with a pink grapefruit pith
• Would be complemented by a Dirka Dirka on jalapeno bread from Full Belly Deli while sitting at the Shirley Lake waterfalls
• Rating: 4/5, a pretty quaffer

Uinta Free Form Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

4.0% AB  |  Available at The Pour House  |  $12.99/4-pack  |  Gluten-Free

Moonshine Amateur: Jeremy the Photog Genius

•  Dry semi sweet wheat lager
•  Best enjoyed while eating a mustard soaked bratwurst while cruising a shoreline
•  Rating: 3/5, easy to drink but fairly flat flavor

The Professional: Dean Schaecher

•  Hearty taste of butter with lemon zest
•  Would taste great with salty nuts at the bottom of the Flume Trail
•  Rating: 4/5, hearty and satisfying

TW Pitchers’ Brewing’s Radler

5.1% ABV  |  Available at Lakeview Wine and Spirits  |  $12.99/6-pack

Moonshine Amateur: Abby the Office Admiral

•  Frothy texture with so much citrus flavor
•  Would be great while eating chips and homemade guacamole near a lake to jump in
•  Rating: 5/5, flavory

The Professional: Dean Schaecher

•  Pithy orange Julius flavor
•  Would taste great while eating carne asada from La Mexicana while sitting at the Kings Beach boat ramp after skiing corn on Mt. Rose
•  Rating: 4/5, Refreshing with a capital R

The Dudes Brewing Company’s Boysenberry Wheat Ale

5.40% ABV  |  Available at Zander’s  |  $8/4-pack 16 oz. cans

Moonshine Amateur: Sage the Sports Guru

•  Tastes like cantaloupe and plum
•  Would taste great while eating an apple pie up north
•  Rating: 3/5, quit putting fruit in beer

The Professional: Dean Schaecher

•  Rich but balanced with a subtly complex flavor of black fruit and violets
•  Would taste great with spicy baby back ribs watching a sunset over the lake
•  Rating 4/5, rich and complex


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