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  • Seth Lightcap/Moonshine Ink

    Local folks making food

  • Seth Lightcap/Moonshine Ink

    Determined parents and food activists are changing what TTUSD students eat, for the better.

  • Where to find fresh-off-the-farm food now that the farmers market is over.

  • A handful of new restaurants have opened in Tahoe City and the West Shore. In case you haven’t visited them yet, we thought we’d do the dirty work for you and get the scoop on some of the new culinary ventures.

  • Want to help the cause? The price is right this month

  • Court Leve

    Gary Romano is an organic farmer in Sierra Valley who believes consumers should know where their veggies come from. Mark Estee, co-owner and executive chef of Moody’s Bistro & Lounge, is dedicated to buying organic and locally-grown food. Together, they’re a match made in foodie heaven.

  • Court Leve

    As the name indicates, the mission of Slow Food is the exact opposite of fast food. In essence, it’s about going back to a simpler, pre-industrial time – when eating was a family and communal event, when people knew where their food came from, and regional cuisines were celebrated.

  • Court Leave

    Why Truckee’s health food store went big

  • Terray Sylvester

    'It’s good to be such a part of my food,' I think to myself.

  • Renowned food buff Michael Pollan, defends real food vs fake food in his latest exposé. Remembering a time when food wasn’t ‘industrialized,’ he urges Americans to return to an authentic diet.    


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Soul Kitchen dishes out one-of-a-kind recipes from Tahoe locals. Read about Tahoe Truckee’s local food culture, get a roundup review of local venues, catch a new recipe, and find out what's in season.

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December 13, 2018