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Your Canvas

  • Niobe Burden

    Photograph by Niobe Burden taken on a cold October evening when the water was just becoming warmer than the air, taken from a point of rocks at the Kings Beach Recreational Launch area on north Lake Tahoe at the magical time of alpenglow.

  • A Poem by June Sylvester Saraceno

  • Jason Tackitt

    The Flats by Night #1, digital 35mm

  • I follow your tracks

    up the mountain's spine

  • Kristen Schwartz

    Kristen Schwartz is an illustrator and writer, specializing in botanical and fantastical subject matter, with emphasis on cultural mythology.

  • Aimee Had

    In the Beginning there was drawing, music, ideas, and passion. Strange and intoxicating smells emanated from the art department, magnetically drawing me in. Lots of love and interest there, but could one make a living as a painter?

  • Catherine Schaefer

    Barn in Genoa, watercolor, 12x16 inches

  •  Donna Reid/A Day In Your Life: Photography

    photo by Donna Reid

  • Matt Dodge

    Using a self developed technique, Matt creates one of a kind, hand-colored & hand-etched photo montage images, which he terms 'sculpted photographs.'


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October 11, 2018