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Your Canvas

  • Sara Zimmerman

    Sara Zimmerman is a Truckee artist who enjoys working in mixed media.

  • Poem by Karen Terrey

  • Carla Platt

    Watercolor by Carla Platt

  • Intro to our main spread featuring local artists and writers! Enjoy!

  • Mike Bond
  • Niobe Burden

    Photograph by Niobe Burden taken on a cold October evening when the water was just becoming warmer than the air, taken from a point of rocks at the Kings Beach Recreational Launch area on north Lake Tahoe at the magical time of alpenglow.

  • By:

    Once a year hundreds of villages in southern India put on this ritual performance for the Hindu gods.

  • Cedar Lampe
  • Kira Yannetta

    A friend of mine recently called me a 'creativity junky,' which suggests an addiction to being creative. On the contrary, I believe that using my creativity grants me a reprieve from my addictions, and gives me the opportunity to find innovative and inspirational responses to life. Instead of running from chaos, I use my creativity as a compass to help me navigate its storms. Being creative connects me both to my innate creative power – my Self – and to my higher power, my Creator. For me, creativity is a spiritual practice. It is one of the most important aspects of my existence.


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February 14, 2019