Imagine All the People…

A Truckee vigil bemoans the plight of detained immigrants and advocates share information with local residents in preparation for Sunday’s nationally announced ICE raids.


Classical Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Music Festival

Summer is the season of music in Tahoe. There’s always a venue to find the sounds of bluegrass, southern rock, folk, alternative rock, even afro-samba-funk. But if something a little softer, a little smoother, is your flavor, Tahoe has that too: Meet the Classical Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Music Festival.


Happy Trails

The goal of the Truckee Donner Horsemen is to promote horsemanship throughout the community. Hosting activities like horse shows, clinics and a juniors team gives people in the community that own or rent horses a place to gather and ride, as well as interact with other people in the community that share the same interest.


The Bluebird Landladies

Every spring for the past two decades, citizen scientists Ann McBride and Patty Evans have monitored egg counts in 50 bluebird boxes they had placed in Martis Valley and the Kyburz Meadow area. “You never know what you’ll find in the boxes — it’s like Christmas,” says McBride. While this labor of love requires tenacity and hard work, Evans wouldn’t have it any other way. She adds, “It’s magical every year.”


What Concerts Are You Going to This Summer?

Summer Waltz: Locals share the concerts they’re heading to this summer, and why they’re so excited for ‘em.

Age Discrimination Afflicts the Standard Hiring Process in Tahoe/Truckee

Truckee’s median age is 38.6, which is 2.2 years over the California-wide median of 36.4, and we have residents of all ages contributing to volunteer efforts, participating in local recreational sports and activities, and stoking the economy through consumption. So why do mature applicants feel they are experiencing age discrimination in the local job market? Read Truckee resident Mindi Brenner’s take on this issue.



Fly Your Flag Proudly

My parents’ marriage was almost illegal. But the U.S. high court changed the laws on interracial marriages and public sentiment followed. It’s one example of how our imperfect country continually strives to be more perfect. Support this forward-thinking momentum by wearing the stars and stripes with honor.

When C-Scums Wish Upon a Star

I got my wish. Yet this is no fairy tale ending, this was hard work.

In this New Year, Say ‘No’ to a Tahoe Lost Generation

A journey to Spain prompts the Ink’s publisher to reflect on the endemic challenges of living with other humans, and how we might avert the threat of a ‘lost generation.’


Home Among the Trees of My Youth

An undeniable sense of homecoming came to me immediately upon moving to Truckee a mere month and a half ago, despite never having lived here full time.

This Land Was Made for You and Me — Let’s Keep it Clean!

One of the reasons the Truckee/Tahoe area is so beautiful is that it is clean. Seldom do you see roadside litter, and it’s even more rare to see plastic bags floating along streets like tumbleweeds blowing in the wind. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the duty to keep this majestic region pristine is ours just the same. On June 1, we can all do our part, with a number of community clean-up days set to take place.

The Age of Activism

Too many pivotal movements are being left in the rearview mirror of the news cycle before they gain enough momentum to make a difference, let’s stay the course.


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A Tale of Too … Many Special Districts?

The role and funding behind Truckee/North Lake Tahoe’s many little governments

Imagine All the People…

A Truckee vigil bemoans the plight of detained immigrants and advocates share information with local residents in preparation for Sunday’s nationally announced ICE raids.

Diary of a Wanderluster

I wasn’t quite prepared for Wanderlust. The two months of training – aka intermittent yoga classes at Tahoe City’s Yoga Institute – didn’t really...

Craft 101

Crafternoons Debut at Brickelltown

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Founded on Philanthropy

An aging house sits atop an old stone foundation on E Street in downtown Truckee. Quiet for the better part of the week, the place comes to life on Tuesdays and Thursdays as the Food and Resource Support Center, when volunteers from throughout the area open the doors with a warm welcome to lend a helping hand to some of Truckee’s less fortunate.

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