From the Ground Up

What does it mean to “be a local” to you? Here, community members ponder that question; we delve into the dollars raised to support residents with large medical bills; take you on a local journey through transit, dentistry, and food; and provide a locals-only showcase ad space.


Nevada Museum of Art: Zhi Lin Honors Chinese Railroad Workers

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad, the Nevada Museum of Art is featuring an exhibit by artist Zhi Lin highlighting through a variety of mediums the sacrifice and grit thousands of Chinese workers endured to build it.


It is Not Winter Yet

The Donner Hare Scramble is a dirt bike race like no other and solidifies our region as a hotspot for the sport.


Gettin’ Furry with It

Fretful ferret enthusiasts fly under the radar, but they’re not going away.


Not In Our Mutual Backyard; Yellow Jacket Horror Story

Hotel Avery, Not in My Backyard-ism, and yellow jackets; reactions to recent Moonshine articles

Enough Mindless, Unlimited Tourism

“Appetite for Destruction” is the reality many see in Nevada and Placer Counties. We are loving our favorite places to a point of compromised reality that makes the pristine wild places we know and love in threat of being unrecognizable.

The Road Ahead

What does our housing crisis have to do with climate change? TRPA executive director Joanne S. Marchetta’s My Shot walks you through her opinions on the interconnected issues of sustainable transit, housing solutions, and climate change.



Appetite for Destruction

To solve overflowing trash cans, backed up traffic, and employee shortages, we must retool our philosophy to “less is more.”

Fly Your Flag Proudly

My parents’ marriage was almost illegal. But the U.S. high court changed the laws on interracial marriages and public sentiment followed. It’s one example of how our imperfect country continually strives to be more perfect. Support this forward-thinking momentum by wearing the stars and stripes with honor.

When C-Scums Wish Upon a Star

I got my wish. Yet this is no fairy tale ending, this was hard work.


Mountain Biker’s Paradise; Cycle Commuter’s Challenge

At 29 I’ve been many things. But never a licensed driver — until now. I am finally poised to get my license as a new resident of a mountain town, but I’m not losing my carless ethos.

Divided, We Fall

Sadly, tragedy brings out the best in people and we truly saw the best of America in the 9/11 aftermath. It was a reminder that we’re all in this life together. We all are Americans.

A Common Goal, Not a Common Enemy

On this 18th anniversary of the national tragedy of 9/11, let’s take the opportunity to reflect on how to unify around a common dream, not a common enemy.


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Celebrate Sustainability and Find Confidence at the Truckee Roundhouse

Embrace sustainability and learn how to rethink consumerism at the Truckee Roundhouse.

A Year in Real Estate 2018

Here’s what happened in the real estate world last year.

A Tale of Too … Many Special Districts?

The role and funding behind Truckee/North Lake Tahoe’s many little governments

Age Discrimination Afflicts the Standard Hiring Process in Tahoe/Truckee

Truckee’s median age is 38.6, which is 2.2 years over the California-wide median of 36.4, and we have residents of all ages contributing to volunteer efforts, participating in local recreational sports and activities, and stoking the economy through consumption. So why do mature applicants feel they are experiencing age discrimination in the local job market? Read Truckee resident Mindi Brenner’s take on this issue.

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Science on the Summit

A scientist on Donner Summit is set on revolutionizing science education. Unlike the classroom days of memorizing things like the Krebs cycle, the goal, Megan Seifert says, is to drive the kids toward asking questions they won’t know the answers to. Why she chose this path and how she got there.

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