A WINNING FORMULA: Advertising in Moonshine Ink

Start with a long-time dedication to quality journalism, add in loyal readers, then stir in a dedication to affordability and integral customer service, and you’ve got a winning formula. Below find information on all of the options we offer our advertisers.

Or if you’d like to have the whole shebang in a handy pdf, download our full media kit.

Print Advertising

Book It

Build It

We’re here to help you look good. Every ad, image, and page is carefully reviewed and optimized for press.

Advertising clients are eligible to receive a full hour of in-house design every three months at no charge. For ads in subsequent editions, the following rates apply:

• One-line text change is at no charge.
• Minor changes to subsequent ads are $15.
• Major changes are billed at professional design rate of $50/hr.


Moonshine Ink prints on a web press. Two HUGE considerations of this type of printing are:

REGISTRATION: The web press moves incredibly fast. Four plates line up to make every element on the page. To keep things sharp, it helps to make texs few inks (CMYK) as possible. And …

DENSITY: Newsprint is porous. Ink seeps outward from the point where it gets put, which is called dot gain. So, lightening up the ink levels is preferred. If ink density is too high then the artwork starts looking muddy and may track to other parts of the page and publication.


With these two points in mind, here are some of the most important optimization tips for our press:

100% K: Set your black text and small to medium black artwork to 100%K, no other inks. In other words, not rich black.

OVERPRINT BLACK: In your document, set black text to overprint. If you do not know how, please let us know, and we may be able to help you find the setting.

MAKE IT POP: For logos, vector artwork, or text, keep colors to no more than 3 inks. Less is better. This will make the color vibrant.

REVERSE IT RIGHT: If there is a reverse text, make it at least 10 pt., thicken it up, and place it atop a 1- or 2-ink background color.

PHOTO ADJUSTMENTS are best adjusted to be lighter than you think. Sharpen those images so the edges are defined. We can help optimize photos.

YELLOW CAN BE HARD TO READ by itself when printed on newsprint so we suggest adding 10% magenta.

BLACK TEXT ON A SCREENED BOX: Make this screen a maximum of 30%. If the screen is darker, the type may be hard to read. Make the screen a minimum of 10% because anything lighter may not show up as much as you'd like.

4-Column Format

Back page with .5" bleed (all 4 sides) 11.25" 13.65"
Back page 9.75" 12.15"
Full page 9.75" 11.888"
1/2 page (v) 4.75" 11.888"
1/2 page (h) 9.75" 5.819"
1/4 page (v#1) 4.75" 5.819"
1/4 page (v#2) 2.25" 11.888"
1/4 page (h) 9.75" 2.785"
1/8 page (v) 2.25" 5.819"
1/8 page (h) 4.75" 2.785
1/16 page (v) 2.25" 2.785"

5-Column Format

Back page with .5" bleed (all 4 sides) 11.25" 13.65"
Back page 9.75" 11.888"
Full page 9.75" 11.888"
3/5 page (v) 5.75" 11.888"
2/5 page (v#1) 3.75" 11.888"
2/5 page (v#2) 5.75" 7.85"
2/5 page (h) 7.75" 5.819"
1/5 page (v#1) 3.75" 5.819"
1/5 page (v#2) 1.75" 11.888"
1/5 page (h) 5.75" 3.8"
1/10 page (v) 1.75" 5.819"
1/10 page (h) 3.75" 2.785"
1/20 page (v) 1.75" 2.785"
1/20 page (h) 3.75" 1.267"


Click here to download a pdf with ad dimensions, including bleed instructions.

Special Offers

Exclusive Special for Our New Clients

Want to reach 25,000 dedicated readers and save money? Make advantage of this special we crafted for new clients, where you choose any size for three months and get 30% off!

Email us today to find out more.

Minimum 1/8 page ad. Months booked must be consecutive. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Let’s all show our Team Tahoe/Truckee spirit! Join Moonshine Ink’s Think Local section, featured every three months (January, April, July, and October). Band together with other businesses and say, “We believe in supporting local businesses and organizations!”

There’s power in numbers; claim your spot for only $130!

Ad includes:

• Logo
• Location of Business
• Contact information (two lines, usually website and phone number)
• Number of employees

Online Advertising

Online Ad Size Rate/Month Width Height
Banner, Premier $280 728 pixels 90 pixels
Banner $150 728 pixels 90 pixels
Sidebar $115 300 pixels 250 pixels
Featured Event $50 180 pixels 150 pixels

Our ads are based on industry sizes. Online ads should be built in RGB and saved as a gif, png, or jpg at 150 dpi. No flash is allowed. Provide a link to your website. If you cannot provide your own Tap Featured Event ad artwork, we have ad templates Certain code-based ads are supported, please inquire.

More than 1,400 subscribers receive our email newsletter engaging readers on community issues every single week.

$75 each
Includes display art and live text, both click through to URL

Art = 300 w x 250 h pixels (medium Rectangle)

Text = Up to 325 characters. Be sure to include what text you’d like bold at the beginning, and what text you’d like to link to your URL toward the end.