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Animal Tales represents animals in the community, focusing at times on advocacy and adoption and the work of the humane society, but also the concerns of pet owners, the strange and unusual types of animals present here, etc.

Say Hello to My Little Friend … Boscoe the Mini Horse

Companionship is a blessing humans often take for granted, and when it comes to our animals, we sometimes forget is equally important for their well-being.

Breaking the Stereotype: Bruce the Adventure Cat

Not all cats fall into the “adventure cat” grouping, but some legends say Bruce pioneered this category.

Life Lessons from an Unlikely Animal

Rennie McMains’ five pet rats teach Truckee/Tahoe kids about everything from science to compassion.

Mushrooms and Lichen and Cannabis, Oh My!

Mushrooms and Lichen and Cannabis, Oh My! How to keep your dog safe from nature’s dangers.

Captain Cruz

We first met Captain Cruz as a small pup when we wrote a story about his mom Jen Gilanfarr, a professional wakeskater. She had plans to make her then 4-month-old Swizz mountain dog mix a companion both on and off the water. Read more to see how Cruz is doing now.

The Yaks of Sierra Valley

Breaking: Yaks invade the High Sierra.


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Tip of the Iceberg

Scentsational Fall