Real Estate Snapshot | July 2019

Brought to you by The median price of homes increased in all micro-regions year over year, including a 21% increase in the Tahoe Sierra...

The Bluebird Landladies

Every spring for the past two decades, citizen scientists Ann McBride and Patty Evans have monitored egg counts in 50 bluebird boxes they had placed in Martis Valley and the Kyburz Meadow area. “You never know what you’ll find in the boxes — it’s like Christmas,” says McBride. While this labor of love requires tenacity and hard work, Evans wouldn’t have it any other way. She adds, “It’s magical every year.”

Rafting the Day Away

Looking for rapids, a family-fun day, and/or a lazy river? Check out our North Tahoe river rafting guide to ensure a fun (and safe) day in the water.

Classical Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Music Festival

Summer is the season of music in Tahoe. There’s always a venue to find the sounds of bluegrass, southern rock, folk, alternative rock, even afro-samba-funk. But if something a little softer, a little smoother, is your flavor, Tahoe has that too: Meet the Classical Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Music Festival.

Little Readers to Future Leaders

Reading proficiency in third grade predicts future academic success. Tahoe/Truckee education partners are working to bridge the academic achievement gap for children experiencing socio-economic disadvantages.

Chasing Glass On Water

It’s 6:45 a.m. and 45 degrees on a late June morning. A cloudy sky and gentle breeze overshadowing Donner Lake bring a chill to the morning, the lake’s smooth surface subtly reflecting a soft gray from above. Yet Bobby Carter appears in shorts and a tie-dye long sleeve shirt, grinning from ear to ear and appearing not worried at all about the dim sky above. He’s been water skiing for 63 of his 70 years. For Bobby, age is but a number.

Three Waterfront Homes to Cool Down Your Summer

Three homes, three bodies of water — Beat the heat (and the crowds). This month’s On Sale Now features waterfront homes (and… boats?) with views and personality.

What Makes a Great Gathering Space?

Home is a place for connection, rejuvenation, and inspiration. When thinking about making indoor and outdoor spaces for people to gather, what energy do you want to create? What is the ideal take away for them to feel as they exit a room? Randy Ronzone, owner of Truckee Home Consignment, brings us the latest in Tahoe/Truckee home and outdoor design ideas for welcoming group chill zones.

By Rail, By River, By Lake

Two trains through the mountains and by the river and a steamer on the lake, all with coordinated guided stops: What brought this about in the early 1900s at a time when travel in the mountainous and sometimes dangerous terrain of the Sierra Nevada was far from easy? It was the business dream of a man named Bliss, and he built his life around making it a reality.

What’s Happening to the Businesses at the Old Gateway Center; Are...

How was the transition for the businesses in the Old Gateway Center now that Tahoe Forest Health System has purchased the remaining buildings? Why did the hospital choose now to purchase those? Plus, are bear populations increasing? You asked, they answered, here.