Captain Cruz

We first met Captain Cruz as a small pup when we wrote a story about his mom Jen Gilanfarr, a professional wakeskater. She had plans to make her then 4-month-old Swizz mountain dog mix a companion both on and off the water. Read more to see how Cruz is doing now.

Mushin’ Martin

Alyssa Martin worked hard for two years to adopt her first Siberian husky at the age of 13. Today she owns 14 dogs, 11 of which are Siberian huskies.

The Art of Falconry

Lovina Robison is proud of the fact she will never in her life have to hunt with a gun; instead, she has spent the last couple of years out in the field hunting small game with her Harris's hawk, Zen.

Say Hello to My Little Friend … Boscoe the Mini Horse

Companionship is a blessing humans often take for granted, and when it comes to our animals, we sometimes forget is equally important for their well-being.

Snakes Are The New Cats

"Reptiles are super chill, and when properly domesticated, are nothing to be afraid of." —Ernie Dambach

Streif Rahlves

**New column** According to Michelle Rahlves, there is still no perfect way to raise a husky. The independence, the pure love of the outdoors, along with the raw, savage, and unmanicured nature are all characteristics that draw her to this breed. A Tahoe animal tale...