Blue Wolf Studios

Blue Wolf Studios is North Lake Tahoe’s newest art collective. A working ceramics/art studio in the back, and shop up front, Blue Wolf Studios is full of life in every way.

From Fence to Four Legs

Greg Mickiewicz has figured out the world's easiest way to construct a ski chair.

For the Love of Art and Earth

Pollak art is deeply inspired by the connection she feels with the earth, and in particular, trees and their roots.

Spirit Art

Natasha Stanton is an artist, most famously known for her paintings on wood, who lives at the hot springs in Sierraville.

The Art of Making Your Own Products

Follow these recipes and make your own sunscreen, toothpaste, dish detergent, and multi-surface cleaner. You'll feel good kicking chemicals and excess packaging out of your life.

Art with a Twist

Sean Rogers redefines balloon art...and he’s not clowning around.

Sealing Memories on Wood

The Moonshine team got together for a night of wine, music, and experimenting with do-it-yourself photo transfers. Check out our crafting skills!

Hooked on History

Painting meets printmaking in Annie Hooker’s historic, locally inspired artwork.

Something for Everyone’s Palate

New DiStill columnist Briitni Kern talks wine and art after taking a class at The Painted Vine.

Sleep Under a Sculpture, and Other Ways to Get Closer to...

For her last column, Lis Korb shares her experiences exploring the private Runnymede Sculpture Farm