An Evening with Adventuresome Activist Caroline Gleich

Alpenglow’s yearly Winter Speaker Series continues Feb. 7, when Salt Lake City-based ski mountaineer and adventurer Caroline Gleich ventures to Squaw to discuss how adventure and activism are intertwined.

Space Out at the Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada

Inside Reno’s National Automobile Museum awaits something more than a collection of old cars. Explore the Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada.

Adult Dance Classes at InnerRhythms

InnerRhythms Dance in Truckee invites adults of all abilities to try dance classes in a variety of styles on a regular or drop-in basis in a comfortable, low-pressure environment.

How to Disagree About Climate Change

The climate change conversation is no longer about whether the current environmental situation is real, but how to propose solutions as we face the major global impacts of humans inhabiting Earth.

Dia De Los Weirdos: A Funky Halloween Party

This year’s Dia De Los Weirdos party at Crystal Bay’s Tahoe Biltmore packs a hefty lineup of eclectic sounds.

Anne Brigman: A Visionary in Modern Photography

The work of Anne Brigman, a pioneering feminist, suffragette, landscape photographer, poet, and mountaineer, captures the beauty of the human body and high desert geography as one.

Will He Be the Last Dalai Lama?

A film director introduced the world to the Dalai Lama, well before the Tibetan spiritual leader became the “worldwide rock star” he is today. Mickey Lemle talks with Moonshine about his long-term friendship with the “world’s most compassionate person,” and what drives his work.

Old Soul, New Sound

This band serves folk-inspired indie rock that’s moving to the soul that tells a story of their time together so intricately woven between their relationship with music and their friendship as band-mates that you’d never know which comes first.

Nostalgic Pop Art at Art Obsessions

Truckee, month of August