Exploring the ‘Hitched’ World

To explore is to get to know that part which is wholly connected to us: the ground beneath our feet, the trees above our bodies, the water that flows into creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Johnny Chickadee Cache

It’s been said that the little acrobat Chickadee can cache up to one thousand seeds in one day with a potential range of 60,000 to 90,000 seeds in one fall season.

One Small Beetle, One Large Disaster

What does Truckee/Tahoe's future with the ever-threatening bark beetle look like?

Eyes to a Hidden World

By the end of the first day Eve had spotted 34 birds, 20 of which she had never seen before.

Jumping Jack Flash, It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!

Snow fleas, also known as springtails, can eject themselves into the air up to six inches off the ground, equivalent of a human being jumping over the Eiffel Tower.

Look Down, But Not at Your Phone

Look down, sure, but not at your phone. Instead, drop your eyes to the ground, now covered with snow, squirrel prints leading from one tree to another, or bobcat prints chasing a snowshoe hare.

The Ants Go Marching One by One

It might seem harsh to describe diminutive insect like the ant as “savage” and “fierce,” until you learn that they are, or can be, brutally vicious creatures.

Wild for Wildflowers

Despite the drought, conditions were ripe for an amazing wildflower season.

The Lone Albino

Tahoe City resident Wolf Schaefer spotted a rare albino fir tree on the North Shore, and an albino redwood has been discovered in Cotati.

A Bee for a Bellhop and a Chipmunk Concierge

Insect hotels are one way to beautify your yard while making an attractive getaway for bugs and bees.