Facing Winter as a Newbie

News Editor Kara Fox relays what made her feel like a Tahoe winter newbie all over again.

What Makes Us Change?

Associate Editor Ally Gravina wonder what drives us to change.

The Confusing Public Process

News Editor Kara Fox explains the confusing public process locals face with development projects.

Avoiding MEGOs at All Costs

Publisher Mayumi Elegado and News Editor Kara Fox discuss Moonshine Ink's process of choosing stories.

The Environmental Divide

Environmental issues abound in this edition while we delve into various topics that affect Tahoe.

Keeping Memories Alive

News Editor Kara Fox recalls childhood days of cooking in the kitchen with her dad, and reminds us to keep the memories of those we have lost alive.

Do What Feels Good, Do What Feels Right

In the calm before summer's craziness, Culture & Food Editor Ashley Owen reminds us to pause and remember why we live in Tahoe.

The Glass is at Least Half Full

Our region's dedicated skiers and boarders offer invaluable lessons during this abysmal winter.

Giving Local (Businesses) Love

Thoughts from the top.

It’s a Dog’s Life


With six stories about dogs in the January issue, including one about a proposed leash law, one associate editor remembers her beloved canine Avalanche.