Sharing Luck

In 1944 Ramón León spent $6 on a Puerto Rican lottery ticket, the rest is history.

To the Rescue

Tahoe City second homeowner receives award for attempting to save man's life with CPR and  selects North Tahoe Firefighters Association as the recipient of the $10,000 award.

Light Pours In, Joy Pours Out

Shane McConkey's first ski coach establishes a memorial for the fallen skier at the site of his death in the mountains of Italy.

For the Love of Books

With a motto of "take a book, return a book," a Free Little Library comes to Donner Lake.

Mother Nature’s Turn

High water along the Truckee accomplishes up to $1 million worth of restoration work, naturally

Leaving Footprints in Ghana

A group of Truckee students travel to Ghana to deliver shoes to orphans, and discover some things about themselves.

One Man’s Trash is an 11-Year-Old Environmentalist’s Treasure

Rowan Bohnet, 11, started Rowan’s Recycled Rafts, after seeing the amount of trash left at Donner Lake after the Fourth of July fireworks.

A Boy and His Bike

Lance Wogland may only be 7 years old, but he already built his own solor powered motorcycle.

Creating Kind Kin

How to create your own home-grown kindness campaign and ramp up our personal and family kindness quotient.

Bike Rack Art Comes to Truckee

Public art is coming to Truckee in the form of bike racks doubling as sculptures. Designs include a feather and Chinese dragon.