If You Build Them, Others Will Come

What goes on behind-the-scenes of the Tahoe trails you hike? Local organizations and people like you are building them. Join ‘em!

Summer Music Roundup | 2019

TUESDAYS Bluesdays This summer is the 11th anniversary of Bluesdays. This popular and free outdoor concert series at The Village at Squaw Valley features acclaimed blues...

Take It to the Sky: Tahoe’s Ropes Courses

Ahhh, climbing: the stay-fit-in-summer “oh my god my legs are soooo lean” sport. Yeah, well, what if you have kids and don’t want them...

Community Clean-Up Day

Community Clean-Up day: Saturday, June 1, offers several opportunities to help beautify the place we call home.

Made in Tahoe

The Village at Squaw Valley, May 25 and 26

Explore Tahoe’s Sunken History

It’s said that nature abhors a vacuum. When something goes unexplained, we fill the knowledge void with rumor and hyperbolic intrigue. And in a place...

Celebrate Sustainability and Find Confidence at the Truckee Roundhouse

Embrace sustainability and learn how to rethink consumerism at the Truckee Roundhouse.

Basket Weaving for the Soul

The North Tahoe Arts gallery is not just the home of exhibits for artists involved with the organization, but a hub of classes, monthly art meetups, and programs that promote the arts for kids and adults throughout the year.

Homewood Snowcat Adventures

Hunting down freshies with the only cat skiing operation in the Tahoe Basin.


The Soulful Saxophone

Appetite for Destruction

Trash Talk