The Wait List

With the promise of a rise in affordable housing as new projects get underway in Placer County and the Town of Truckee, we look at the current state of affordable housing, the obstacles to building it, and the creative methods being tested to make it happen.

A Village from Scratch

Resident hopefuls work to create a co-housing community in Truckee on West River Street.

The Missing Middle

Will our community survive if its police officers, teachers, business owners, and those who have lived here all their lives can’t find housing? The answer is knocking on the front door, like it or not. Here are eight housing tales that tell the story.

What Vail Can Teach Us About Housing

How does Vail meet the housing crisis head on? Vail housing director George Ruther covers personalizing the problem and creative use of deed restrictions in this exclusive Q&A.

To Airbnb or Not to Airbnb?

How short-term rentals are affecting the local housing market.

The Downside of Downsizing

Living small isn’t just a fad, it’s necessary for some. But downsizing in Truckee/Tahoe isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Short Term Rentals Can’t Hide

Founder of Host Compliance explains his fledgling business, working with Truckee, and why he thinks banning short-term rentals is a foolish regulation.

Last of the Ski Bums

The local housing crisis is making it damn near impossible to ski every day and pay rent, what’s a bum to do?

Using Data to Open Doors

Two new initiatieves use slick technology tools to improve our region.

Housing Solutions

As Tahoe delves into a rabid housing crisis, the real question is: What solutions can we tap into to solve this issue?