Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, not snow, has been the region’s recreation surface of choice during this snowless start to winter.

The Tahoe Colony That Never Was

Frank Lloyd Wright had a vision in the 1920s for a Tahoe Summer Colony in Emerald Bay that never came to fruition.

The Black Pioneer of Plumas County

Could it be that a mountain man who was a blacksmith, horse thief, cavalry scout, and Crow Indian chief — with peaks, passes, waterways, and towns all named in his honor — was ignored because he was a black man?

The Silent Terror

Next time you’re enjoying life on the North Shore, make sure to take care of your barkeep — sometimes it’s a rough job. Especially if the famed James Stewart walks in asking for a drink.

Dancing for Snow

Did the Great Basin tribes actually dance in hopes it would snow, or has the tradition been romanticized by ski resorts and ski bums alike?

The Sorceress of the North Shore

A biplane in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia, brings memories of one incident that in 1991 astounded many people in the North Lake Tahoe community.

A Frog’s Life

The California red-legged frog, endemic to California, has faced many adversities in its storied history, from being gobbled up by gold miners to being hunted by bullfrogs.

A Progressive Jackpot

Two men, with separate businesses and dreams, upped the stakes in Tahoe’s gambling industry to create a lasting legacy.

The Host of Hotel de Chipmunk

Of the cast of colorful characters that have manned Martis Peak Lookout's "Hotel de Chipmunk," circus tumbler and cigar roller Frank "Waddles" Maher was king.

The Hottest Spot on the Lake

Brockway Hot Springs, perched on Tahoe’s North Shore near Kings Beach, has seen success, turmoil, development, and fire over its 147 years as a tourist destination.