The Timeless Headliners of the Kings Beach Bowl

In the summers of 1967-1968 Lake Tahoe benefited from San Francisco’s blossoming psychedelic music scene as name acts like the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and Buffalo Springfield played at a converted bowling alley we now know as the North Tahoe Event Center.

Welcome to ‘Donnerwood’

Truckee was a vital filming site for early silent films and the first of the “talkies” in the early 1900s, posing as places like Siberia or Alaska. Charlie Chaplin and other major film stars of the era took advantage of the Sierra Nevada snowfall and Truckee amenities, even using locals as extras and filming in remote areas such as Donner Pass.

Anatomy of a Phone Number

Reminiscing on the evolution of Truckee’s phone numbers, and what the nostalgia means to one local resident.

Villains of the Past

Since its early days, Truckee has had a colorful history of noble lawmen and ruthless criminals — here are some of the most infamous.

Braving the Fire

The 1960 Donner Ridge Fire is known as one of the most destructive local fires in modern history, but original letters recently obtained by the Truckee Donner Historical Society outline the devastation felt by survivors.

Truckee’s Early Lawmen

A long standing political rivalry between two Truckee lawmen turned deadly in the 1800s.

Truckee’s Bootlegging Past

After the logging and ice haresting of the late 1800s, Truckee became known for something a little more nefarious - bootlegging.

50 Years Ago: Let’s Shred Some Volcanoes

By WOLFE SCHAEFER | Moonshine Ink In May 1969, two local guys, Wolfe Schaefer and Heinz Heubner, took off in a 1953 GMC panel truck...

Gray’s Effect

Joseph Gray was a key player in Truckee’s early days, but after dissent brewed in town, even he couldn’t protect the town from vigilante racist agendas.

Wally Gellatt Makes Truckee a Destination

Wally Gellett, who once owned Camp Donner, helped make Truckee a summer and winter destination.