Ursus Horribilis

The California grizzly, once known as Ursus Horrilibus or terrible bear, numbered around 10,000 in population before the 19th century Gold Rush.

North Tahoe Firefighting in the Fifties

What did firefighting in Tahoe look like almost 70 years ago?

When Worldwide Church of God invaded North Lake Tahoe!

The week-long Church of God gathering would bring 10,000 church members to Squaw Valley every fall, bolstering the fall economy, but the church turned out to be controversial.

Anatomy of a Phone Number

Reminiscing on the evolution of Truckee’s phone numbers, and what the nostalgia means to one local resident.

The Fortress in the Forest

The incredible story of Lt. Leo Walker’s quick thinking, selfless action, and a historic bail out over the Sierra Nevada.

The Silent Terror

Next time you’re enjoying life on the North Shore, make sure to take care of your barkeep — sometimes it’s a rough job. Especially if the famed James Stewart walks in asking for a drink.

The Craft and Connection Of Winter Survival

The harsh Sierra Nevada winters were a testament to the Washoe Tribe and their relationship with the land.

The Incredible History of the Cal-Neva Lodge on Lake Tahoe

The Cal-Neva tales about Frank Sinatra, the Mafia, secret tunnels, JFK, and Marilyn Monroe might sound like legend, but many are true. Curious where the tall tales meet the facts?

Gray’s Effect

Joseph Gray was a key player in Truckee’s early days, but after dissent brewed in town, even he couldn’t protect the town from vigilante racist agendas.

Killing Penelope

At the age of 12 Kimball Pier became the primary caregiver for her mom Penelope who suffered from an autoimmune disease. Hear about their life in sleepy little post-Olympics Squaw, their transition to the east coast where Penelope died, and Kimball’s eventual move back to her Sierra home.