A Progressive Jackpot

Two men, with separate businesses and dreams, upped the stakes in Tahoe’s gambling industry to create a lasting legacy.

The Infamous “Spring Chicken” of Truckee

A colorful character from Truckee’s downtown scene during the 1870s was not a man, but a woman who racked up quite a laundry list of exploits.

This Land is Your Land, This Land is Whose Land?

Lake Tahoe is split in two, with one half in Nevada and one half in California — but why? It involved an epic trek through the Sierra during the winter of 1843 and a mapping snafu.

50 Years as a Tahoe Ski Bum

Ever wonder what has changed over the last 50 years in Tahoe? Dick Tash has seen it all … or at least a lot of it.

The Great Sierra Snow Blockade

The winter of 2017 will go down in the record books, but at least residents and visitors can rely on modern snowplows to keep roads clear. In 1890, the railroad was the only way to cross the Sierra — avalanches and a collapsed snowshed blockaded the line for 15 days straight, stranding hundreds of train passengers in the mountains.

Blow the Lid Off!

Why are there no records of a peak being flattened in one of the most renowned ski jumping spots in the U.S?

Dynamite, Snow Storms, and a Ticking Clock

Chinese immigrant workers built the longest tunnel in the transcontinental railroad through nearly impenetrable granite during one of the harshest Tahoe winters.

If You Build a Giant Icicle, They Will Come

How one man jumpstarted Truckee’s winter economy with chicken wire and water.

All Aboard Tahoe

A narrow gauge railroad from Truckee to Tahoe City solidified Tahoe as a tourist destination.

Truckee’s Early Lawmen

A long standing political rivalry between two Truckee lawmen turned deadly in the 1800s.