Straws Suck

America uses 500 million straws per day, which is enough to fill 125 school buses. Such an extreme amount of trash takes a massive environmental toll, and though the outlook may seem bleak, youths around the nation are taking action.

The Sun Rises for Everyone

Craig Rowe, an English teacher at Truckee High School, guides Latina students through the college application process.

A Truckee Family’s Peruvian Adventure

The Pellegrinos moves from Truckee to Peru for eight months to spend more time together as a family.

Picture This

Ramsey Etchison has created Generation Book Truckee because he wants to make it possible for people to know about their community, so he takes people’s pictures, invites them to express themselves, and helps us recognize that everyone’s roots extend across the planet.

Beating to His Own Drum

Eric Spillman, 11, has found his passion at a young age — drumming.

Connecting to Cambodia

Truckee High student Fiona McMains was touched by her time spent in Cambodia this summer.

Keeping it Fun — Adventures with Captain Nordic

Mark Nadell, who is known by his athletes as Captain Nordic, has been the Alder Creek Middle School Nordic coach for 15 years. Here Frances Hamilton asked him to share why he thinks his coaching style connects so well us with middle schoolers.

It’s Complicated

Elenore Hamilton asked local women and girls: What was/is the hardest thing about being 15?

On Surviving

Building a fire is hard, but for Frances bringing home her wilderness values is harder

Another Day to Give

Fifth graders at Truckee Elementary pledge to give away their birthdays to a worthy cause this year.