Imperfection is Perfection

Sage Chador suffered from anorexia for a year. Now she shares her story in the hopes of helping other girls in one of our most powerful Kids Connect columns yet.

A Summer Break

Louis Norris, 14, broke his hand this summer, but he didn't let it mess up his summer plans.

Lost and Found

In the same week that two strangers changed Frances’ life for the worse, two other strangers changed it for the better.

On Surviving

Building a fire is hard, but for Frances bringing home her wilderness values is harder

The Sun Rises for Everyone

Craig Rowe, an English teacher at Truckee High School, guides Latina students through the college application process.

It’s Complicated

Elenore Hamilton asked local women and girls: What was/is the hardest thing about being 15?

Following the Music

FRANCES JOY Violinist Mirna Mejia, 18, from Truckee, sometimes falls asleep to the swirling sensation of 19th century Czech composer Friedrich Smetana’s classical piece “The...

Read, Write, Honor

Xander Guldman, 14, is a Truckee kid who’s known for his skiing. Now he will be known for his writing.

Young Dreamers

Miss Bell’s first grade SELs class shares their dream for summer.

Picture This

Ramsey Etchison has created Generation Book Truckee because he wants to make it possible for people to know about their community, so he takes people’s pictures, invites them to express themselves, and helps us recognize that everyone’s roots extend across the planet.