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If You Don’t Snooze, You Lose

Everyone knows that sleep loss makes you feel lousy. But losing sleep early in the night has a different effect on memory, learning, and creativity than losing the same number of hours toward morning. Linda Lindsay examines why everyone needs a full night of sleep —especially students heading back to school.

Science on the Summit

A scientist on Donner Summit is set on revolutionizing science education. Unlike the classroom days of memorizing things like the Krebs cycle, the goal, Megan Seifert says, is to drive the kids toward asking questions they won’t know the answers to. Why she chose this path and how she got there.

Kokanee Up the Creek at Fall Fish Festival

The annual Fall Fish Festival returns to Taylor Creek Visitor Center Oct. 5 and 6. Witness the splendor of nature as the kokanee salmon make their annual autumn migratory journey.

Getting Crafty

Tapping craft kegs and stocking craft cans in a relatively remote and rugged region isn’t simply a matter of shipping and receiving. The Craft Beer Fairy doesn’t drive up and down Interstate 80 all week long dropping off beer. Learn how local retailers take on the challenge of providing craft beer to a thirsty audience.

Foam Fest Hits the Big 3-0

Saturday, Aug. 31; 2 to 6 p.m.

The Bluebird Landladies

Every spring for the past two decades, citizen scientists Ann McBride and Patty Evans have monitored egg counts in 50 bluebird boxes they had placed in Martis Valley and the Kyburz Meadow area. “You never know what you’ll find in the boxes — it’s like Christmas,” says McBride. While this labor of love requires tenacity and hard work, Evans wouldn’t have it any other way. She adds, “It’s magical every year.”

Chasing Glass On Water

It’s 6:45 a.m. and 45 degrees on a late June morning. A cloudy sky and gentle breeze overshadowing Donner Lake bring a chill to the morning, the lake’s smooth surface subtly reflecting a soft gray from above. Yet Bobby Carter appears in shorts and a tie-dye long sleeve shirt, grinning from ear to ear and appearing not worried at all about the dim sky above. He’s been water skiing for 63 of his 70 years. For Bobby, age is but a number.

Fun Facts About Tahoe’s Flora and Fauna | Summer 2019

Tahoe’s home to a spectacular diversity of nature. From a lyme-disease-fighting lizard to the fungus that inspired Christmastime traditions, let TINS be your guide.

Participate in Tahoe Clarity and Cleanliness Science

Lake Tahoe’s clarity as measured by a Secchi Disk improved last year by 10.5 feet from the clarity levels of 2017, meaning scientists can...

Dog Days

Hiking season is about here, and your dog can’t wait. Here are three quick trips to do with your best friend this summer.