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Chasing Glass On Water

It’s 6:45 a.m. and 45 degrees on a late June morning. A cloudy sky and gentle breeze overshadowing Donner Lake bring a chill to the morning, the lake’s smooth surface subtly reflecting a soft gray from above. Yet Bobby Carter appears in shorts and a tie-dye long sleeve shirt, grinning from ear to ear and appearing not worried at all about the dim sky above. He’s been water skiing for 63 of his 70 years. For Bobby, age is but a number.

Fun Facts About Tahoe’s Flora and Fauna | Summer 2019

Tahoe’s home to a spectacular diversity of nature. From a lyme-disease-fighting lizard to the fungus that inspired Christmastime traditions, let TINS be your guide.

Participate in Tahoe Clarity and Cleanliness Science

Lake Tahoe’s clarity as measured by a Secchi Disk improved last year by 10.5 feet from the clarity levels of 2017, meaning scientists can...

Dog Days

Hiking season is about here, and your dog can’t wait. Here are three quick trips to do with your best friend this summer.

Field Experience

Truckee Elementary students take it outdoors

Tahoe Dreamin’ on such a Summer’s Day

Creekside Charter seventh-grader explains why Tahoe never disappoints in the summer. From exploring trails to paddleboarding, mountain biking to boating, there’s no shortage of things to do.

Abby’s First Secchi Disk

By TOM MOOERS | Moonshine Ink This is Abby and her first Secchi Disk. Abby is 8 years old and loves science. She loves Tahoe, too, so...

Not Gonna Do It That Way, Are Ya?

Learn why it’s not a horrible mistake to teach your significant other a new sport.

The Long-Termers

Emy Lou talks about life as a pet while discussing what animals are up for adoption at the local shelters.

Founded on Philanthropy

An aging house sits atop an old stone foundation on E Street in downtown Truckee. Quiet for the better part of the week, the place comes to life on Tuesdays and Thursdays as the Food and Resource Support Center, when volunteers from throughout the area open the doors with a warm welcome to lend a helping hand to some of Truckee’s less fortunate.


The Soulful Saxophone

Appetite for Destruction

Trash Talk