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Covering Tahoe Truckee’s community, people, pets, health and wellness, and nature.

The Gift of Techology

This summer, three local Truckee High students started Truckee HELP (Himalayan Exchange Literacy Program) with the goal of creating a mutually beneficial cultural literacy exchange between students of Truckee High School and Sir Edmund Hillary Khumjung School.

Life at the Lake, Education Included

LTCC ramps up offerings of four-year degrees available on South Lake Campus.

Nifty and Thrifty

Shopping at The Treasure Chest (TTC), Truckee’s own children’s resale store, is a great way to reduce stress on our wallets and on our environment.

Young Dreamers

Miss Bell’s first grade SELs class shares their dream for summer.

Paranormal Therapy

Shining light on things that haunt us

Be Nice. Be Brave: Stop A Bully

A 10-year-old inspirational boy trys to stop bullies at his school.

Celebrating Life in a Mountain Town

A new digital series is all about life in the Big Blue Basin. 

Creating Kind Kin

How to create your own home-grown kindness campaign and ramp up our personal and family kindness quotient.

Lost and Found

In the same week that two strangers changed Frances’ life for the worse, two other strangers changed it for the better.

When Coyotes Kill

Wily coyotes cause dog and cat owners to fear for the lives of their pets. 'Nature's Corner' columnist Eve Quesnel delves into the unfortunate times when coyotes kill, giving practical advice for learning how to live with them.


The Soulful Saxophone

Appetite for Destruction

Trash Talk