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The Winged Ones Unseen

The world over, bats are the only mammals that truly fly, but in North America two species of mammals can glide, and both of them are flying squirrels.

The Full Monty

Flip the dog tells you what adorable animal is up for adoption at the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe.

Snow Survival

Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue has educated 7,000 fourth graders over the past 37 years on winter survival techniques.

Supporting the Sierra Seniors

A lot goes into Meals on Wheels deliveries, especially during the winter and holiday months, because the daily trips offer up so much more than just a hot meal. They are a friendly face, something for the seniors to look forward to, and a safety check-in.

Hang the Stockings, Trim the Tree… Groom the Dog?

Scraps' dog groomer Kayla Wahlborg talks about the art of bathing dirty canines.


Dog-training advice from an expert.

A Booming Sound of Spring: The Sooty Grouse

A note of caution: Being territorial, particularly during the breeding and nesting season, the sooty grouse female will aggressively chase any human in her path.

Let a Little Fresh Air In

What’s the greatest recipe for a vibrant homescape? An interior decorator will tell you lighting, rich colors, and brilliant accents make for a welcoming home. But, sprinkle in some refreshing fragrances from candles, salt lamps, or diffusers and you lack only the two final ingredients to make your home the most inviting on the block: fresh air and the smell of a home-cooked meal.

Mountain Life Announcements (16 July – 12 August)

Whats going on in your mountain town!


The Soulful Saxophone

Appetite for Destruction

Trash Talk