Local Art Activists Fired-Up About Potential Community Venue

Christin Hanna is a lifelong dancer who has returned home from nationwide professional glory to found the Lake Tahoe Dance Collective. Now she is part of a movement to reclaim an important Tahoe City community space for the arts, and she would appreciate the opportunity to convince you to back their efforts.

Collaboration Is Key

Phebe Bell, director of Nevada County Behavioral Health, feels strongly that the health of the community will be improved by the pending consolidation of four prominent local social services nonprofit groups.

Wildfire Areas and Homeowner’s Insurance – A Call to Action

After billions in wildfire-related losses, insurance carriers have had enough, and the result is a massive contraction for insurance availability. But you can still make a difference.

Can Truckee Become a Walkable Town?

Walking through historic downtown Truckee, bypassing shops, hotels, and restaurants, one would think Truckee is already pedestrian-friendly. The truth is that currently, Truckee is a commuter town.

Short-Term Rentals Need Stricter Regulation

Placer County must take responsibility and enforce reasonable occupancy rules. Other areas do it; two renters per bedroom is reasonable and sustainable.

Rep. Tom McClintock’s Dubious ‘Plan’ to Address Climate Change

In his opinion piece in the March edition of Moonshine Ink, Rep. McClintock uses irrelevant snippets of science to justify inaction on climate change. He avoids the relevant science, which invariably highlights the urgency of taking action.

The Sky’s Not Falling

There are many ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and adapt to our changing climate that are desirable in themselves, quite apart from the debate over the causes of the Modern Warm Period.

A Climate for Change

Sure, I’d rather ski with my friends than call my congressperson, but guess what? You can do both!

The Tai Chi of Shoveling

Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, (and shovel). After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, (and shovel). Here’s how you save your back through it all.

Reservations About Later School Start Times

While our students could benefit from more sleep, will 30 minutes really make a difference?


The Soulful Saxophone

Appetite for Destruction

Trash Talk