Last Year Was Not Normal, Time to Rise Up Locally

In Trump’s administration, the norms we treasure are threatened. Be a part of the resistance.

State’s Attempt to Close Parks Was a Disservice to the Public

Editor’s Note: In recent news, private donors and nonprofits have stepped up to stop the closure of nearly all 70 state parks that were...

Significance of the Time Persons of the Year

As an activist, it has become apparent that not all share my passion to end the power imbalance that contributes to violence in our society. The time is ripe for this to change.

What Money Can’t Buy

BY ANN NICHOLS We need to have a fundamental debate about the role of the market and the environment at Lake Tahoe. I’ve been reading...

The Incline Village General Improvement District Keeps Citizens in the...

Collusion between board trustees and staff at Incline’s governing agency is leading to broken laws, policies, practices, and accounting rules.

Tahoe’s in Trouble

BY ROGER PATCHING There’s a serious problem at Lake Tahoe. It is so serious that it has prompted all eight of Tahoe’s leading environmental nonprofit...

California Express: A Dream Come True

The original vision for Squaw Valley needs the gondola proposed to connect the resort with Alpine Meadows. The project would bring tremendous benefits, allowing the community to thrive.

Collaboration Is Key

Phebe Bell, director of Nevada County Behavioral Health, feels strongly that the health of the community will be improved by the pending consolidation of four prominent local social services nonprofit groups.

Why I Will Not Ski Squaw This Year

Giving hundreds of dollars to this local ski mountain does not align with my values whatsoever.