Let’s Start a Movement for Mental Health

BY TENAYA IDEKER  |  Truckee, CA Our community has experienced a significant number of young lives lost within the past few years, and death leaves...

Tips to Weather the Holidays

Sara McClarie of the Tahoe Truckee Suicide Prevention Task Force and Sunee Zrno of Tahoe Forest Hospital reveal ways to cope with the stress that accompanies the holidays.

My Wilderness is Not Your Canvas

Is one street artist the arbiter of a particular tunnel wall or alleyway canvas? Does a self-proclaimed aspiring Bansky have the right to influence what the rest of us see by creeping out in the dead of night to spray their art on trains, walls, and buildings alike? What about when the aforementioned unsanctioned art project affects our local beautiful lake vistas, river hikes, and world-renowned nature areas? Mitzi Hodges, a 50-year Tahoe/Truckee local, shares her perspective on an increase in graffiti on the rocks and walls of her home.

Soaring Ranch Development Proposes Settlement Offer to Litigation

Art Chapman, Soaring Ranch project developer, responds to litigation with concessions to eliminate competition to downtown Truckee and to add desperately needed achievable housing.

Rep. Tom McClintock’s Dubious ‘Plan’ to Address Climate Change

In his opinion piece in the March edition of Moonshine Ink, Rep. McClintock uses irrelevant snippets of science to justify inaction on climate change. He avoids the relevant science, which invariably highlights the urgency of taking action.

Squaw Development Spawns Yet Another Movement

A community member writes about a local, timely topic.

Great Perks and Pay for Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Employees

A community member writes about a local, timely topic.

Community Involvement Crucial to Outdoor Preservation

Wildfires are becoming larger and more expensive to fight, and the Forest Service is going broke. While local USFS agencies fall by the wayside, local nonprofits can help. It just takes community support.

High Fives All Around to Adaptive Veterans

High Fives’ Military to the Mountains programs brings injured veterans out to Tahoe for some spring shred time.

The Tahoe Oligarchy

BY ETHAN INDIGO SMITH As isolated as we are here in Tahoe, the global trends permeating life elsewhere eventually arrive here, too. The global economic...