Realities of Keeping Tahoe Blue

BY CHACO MOHLER We passed two seminal watershed moments in Lake Tahoe restoration over the last few years, but don’t be surprised if you missed...

Graffiti Distorts World-Class Natural Landscape of Donner Pass

BY SUSAN LINDSTROM Thank you for considering my comments on your recent article in the June issue of Moonshine Ink, “The Traces We Leave: Graffiti...

Placer County Undermines the Design Review Committee Process in Squaw Valley

BY JUDY CARINI  |  SQUAW VALLEY The current Placer County position on the role of the Squaw Valley Design Review Committee is in direct conflict...

A Director’s Comment on the Privatization of Public Charter Schools

BY JAYNIE AYDIN, PhD While Tahoe /Truckee parents are fortunate to have so many choices of where to send their kids to school, they also...

What Is An Ounce of Prevention Worth?

BY LISA HOLAN David Bunker’s article “The Saga of the Quagga,” (May print edition) while generally factually correct, focuses on such a narrow slice of...

Harvest Corbicula, the Not So “Golden” Clam

BY CHRIS ROSAMOND A recent Moonshine Ink opinion piece regarding the invasive clam Corbicula fluminea makes some assertions that should be viewed with a large...

Conservancy Comes Clean


Conservancy has no plans to sell or leave unprotected environmentally sensitive parcels in Tahoe

Make Room for the Middle


A rationalist wing of the environmental movement is bringing pragmatic solutions to environmental challenges

Oppose Sprawl, Say No to Canyon Springs


Canyon Springs approval could open up eastern edge of Truckee to sprawling development

Sale of Protected Lands Marks Sharp Change for California Tahoe Conservancy


Conservancy land sales should be scrutinized


The Soulful Saxophone

Appetite for Destruction

Trash Talk