Seeking Climate Change Solutions Through Art and Drama

Turns out, solutions to climate change may be more about social science than any other science. And there could be important roles for art and artists, too.

Our Community’s Future Depends on Housing

“Be prepared to say goodbye” to the next generation of professionals and community members unless we work together to find solutions to the housing crisis. The Mountain Housing Council celebrates real results after its first year — and it’s ever clearer that the answers must come from all of us.

Managing Our Winter Wildlands is Necessary and Better Done Together

For the first time in history, we the public have a chance to be heard on a wide range of alternatives for how winter recreation in all its forms should be managed on our national forests. It’s a process that’s long overdue and requires us fellow citizens to come to the table ready to listen, make hard choices, and compromise.

Shutting Down Public Lands to Appease a Distant Minority Is a...

Some 230,000+ acres in the Tahoe National Forest are slated to be closed to snowmobiles, snow bikes, and other over-snow vehicles. The proposal is due to the one-sided meddling of two outside advocacy groups. It’s time for local users to be heard.

Downtown is the Heart of Truckee

Lifelong Truckee resident Stefanie Olivieri is troubled by the ramifications of the decision by the town council to approve the Soaring Ranch plan. Here’s why she joined the lawsuit against the approval.

Soaring Ranch Development Proposes Settlement Offer to Litigation

Art Chapman, Soaring Ranch project developer, responds to litigation with concessions to eliminate competition to downtown Truckee and to add desperately needed achievable housing.

Big Jack East Is About Restoring Forest Health and Fire Resiliency...

The Big Jack East project would, in essence, bring the forest back to John Muir’s time — easier to navigate, but more importantly, healthy and resistant to mega-wildfires.

The Importance of Throwing Your Hat into the Election Ring

Mountain dwellers know that we cannot always depend on forces outside our region to help us. To be self-sufficient takes dedicated service in the public sector. Local boards want YOU!

Squaw Alpine Gondola Project, a Showcase of Damaging Impacts

The damages on our public lands from this KSL project are too much, including irreversible impacts to the environment, view sheds, and the wilderness experiences of our future generations.

Proposed High Altitude Fitness Facility Has Issues

The Truckee planning commission needs to address three main issues with this project that concern me greatly.