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An Inspiring and Brilliant Friend

Renée Klosterman-Power
Dec. 4, 1955 – Aug. 26, 2009

Will the Community Enhancement Program Really Enhance Our Community?

Narrow agendas and short-term profits by individuals might be outweighing common sense in the Community Enhancement Program process.

While Standing in Line …

Every human receives knowledge differently. At the end of the day, it doesn’t come down to how much a person learned. It comes down to exposure to a learning environment, which teaches you many things.

What Is An Ounce of Prevention Worth?

BY LISA HOLAN David Bunker’s article “The Saga of the Quagga,” (May print edition) while generally factually correct, focuses on such a narrow slice of...

Longtime Gas Price-Fixing; Not so Distant

In support of rate increases for underground lines; gas station price-fixing; separation of snowmobilers and skiers


The context of this correction? That 390 million straws is still a veritable s**t ton of unnecessary plastic.



A good idea is only as good as the effort put behind it. This edition of Moonshine Ink features concepts that are getting serious traction due to local sweat equity.

Dear Editor: Experience as Fire District Board Member Shows O’Dette has...

THERESA MAY DUGGAN: Teresa O’Dette will represent the whole district, her experience and expertise will transfer smoothly to the Airport District, and it will be good to know she'll look out for the interests of the lakeside taxpayers — she's done that for us before.

Remembering Norma Schwartz

Community celebrates life of pioneering local politician.

Dear Editor: Referee Needed on Martis Valley West Project

Reader letters: you write them, we publish them.