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Tahoe Timeline … At 30 It’s the Back Country

Illustrator Mike English’s cartoons comment on life and politics in Tahoe/Truckee.

Home Among the Trees of My Youth

An undeniable sense of homecoming came to me immediately upon moving to Truckee a mere month and a half ago, despite never having lived here full time.

Staying in South Shore? Maybe Pull Those Blinds

Illustrator Mike English’s cartoons comment on life and politics in Tahoe/Truckee.

A Case of Mischaracterized Identity of Data and Sources; Evidence Lacking...

The community continues to weigh in on Tom McClintock’s and John Henry Beyer’s My Shot pieces and other local topics regarding climate change.

What is Your Favorite Local Nonprofit and Why?

Dedicating lives to what they believe in

Is Density the Solution to Our Housing Crisis?

Density is the name of the game when it comes to most current discussions about mitigating North Tahoe/Truckee’s local workforce housing issues. But are we passing over other solutions in the quest for density-minded development? Alexis Ollar, executive director of Mountain Area Preservation, outlines creative solutions to the area’s housing crisis.

Local Art Activists Fired-Up About Potential Community Venue

Christin Hanna is a lifelong dancer who has returned home from nationwide professional glory to found the Lake Tahoe Dance Collective. Now she is part of a movement to reclaim an important Tahoe City community space for the arts, and she would appreciate the opportunity to convince you to back their efforts.

Collaboration Is Key

Phebe Bell, director of Nevada County Behavioral Health, feels strongly that the health of the community will be improved by the pending consolidation of four prominent local social services nonprofit groups.

Anyone Say Prophet?

The unfiltered truth about a subtle difference between businesses and nonprofits in these here hills.

Fly Your Flag Proudly

My parents’ marriage was almost illegal. But the U.S. high court changed the laws on interracial marriages and public sentiment followed. It’s one example of how our imperfect country continually strives to be more perfect. Support this forward-thinking momentum by wearing the stars and stripes with honor.