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Sunshine or Moonshine?

The jury’s hung between sunshine and moonshine!

True Patriots; Good Character

A local duckling rescue by children inspires wildlife and environmental stewardship; readers reflect to popular online exclusive stories on social media

Truckee’s Combination Bank Shot

The level of cooperation from multiple agencies and nonprofit organizations planning new features to the Truckee River Regional Park — an ice pavilion, a new home for the KidZone museum, a library, an expansion for the skate park — is unprecedented. Regional Park has multiple land owners as well; all of this lines up the “combination bank shot” of approvals and permits that need to work together to make this multi-faceted dream a reality.

Housing Headache: My Experience Navigating the Crisis

How will this community exist in the future without housing the core of its service industry, as we begin to move away? Who will the change-makers be then, if not us? Will it be only the wealthy that remain as we are forced out? Denying housing to our workforce is a determined nod toward the very type of exclusive, luxury community most locals don’t want to see grow here.

Feeling the Burn

We all play a role in keeping the threat of wildfire from falling out of sight, out of mind. Moonshine launches its On Fire series.

My Wilderness is Not Your Canvas

Is one street artist the arbiter of a particular tunnel wall or alleyway canvas? Does a self-proclaimed aspiring Bansky have the right to influence what the rest of us see by creeping out in the dead of night to spray their art on trains, walls, and buildings alike? What about when the aforementioned unsanctioned art project affects our local beautiful lake vistas, river hikes, and world-renowned nature areas? Mitzi Hodges, a 50-year Tahoe/Truckee local, shares her perspective on an increase in graffiti on the rocks and walls of her home.

Obituary: From Austrian Mountains to the Sierra, Johann Hans Joseph Standteiner

Johann “Hans” Joseph Standteiner, born March 13, 1930, passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by family on May 29, 2019. Hans is survived by his five children, 12 grandchildren and scores of beloved friends and family who will forever remember his sparkling blue eyes, bright smile, easy laughter, and huge heart.oto

Obituary: The Live Music Man of Truckee, Paul Covarelli

A born artist with guitar as his medium, he was a mainstay in the regional music world, doing it all with humbleness and love.

Map of Truckee

Illustrator Mike English’s cartoons comment on life and politics in Tahoe/Truckee.

During Fire Season, Have Some Wiley Escape Routes Ready

Illustrator Mike English’s cartoons comment on life and politics in Tahoe/Truckee.