Broccoli’s Secret Weapon

Cruciferous veggies have a secret weapon called sulforaphane.

The Key to Good Habits

How should you classify your habit forming techniques?

The Power of Om

Meditation actually changes the brain’s structure, thickening areas associated with sensory processes and attention, and slowing (and possibly reversing) age-related loss of brain tissue in the grey and white matter.

Turmeric: Nature’s Golden Super Spice

If you’ve eaten Indian or Thai food, you’ve eaten turmeric — it’s one of the signature ingredients in curry. It’s also used as a food coloring for mustard, cheese, and butter.

Tempting, but Troublesome

All color additives require FDA approval, so we assume they’re safe. But over the years, more artificial dyes have been banned than any other type of additive, mostly due to cancer risk.

What Do You Really Know About Zika?

To date, 1,800 Americans have returned from overseas infected with Zika. Of these, 134 are Californians, including one man from the Sacramento area.

Get Cultured

The yogurt aisle used to be a pretty straightforward place, offering a handful of flavors and a choice of nonfat, low-fat, or whole milk yogurt. But most yogurts are marketed to appear healthier than they really are. To find a quality product, here are some things you should know.

How Much Can a Body Take?

This month, Linda took a look back over the 100 articles she has written for Moonshine Ink and asks: How much can a body take?

Beef — It’s Warming the Planet

Cattle produces about 100 gallons of methane per beast, per day

“Healthy” Foods That Aren’t

Certain foods like granola bars and yogurt may seem healthy, but don't let the packaging fool you.