Paper Tariffs Will Hurt Journalism

If this effort succeeds the prices of newspaper printing will rise steeply, affecting Moonshine Ink. The resources available for everything else we want to do for our community will be made more difficult

Change Happens

Boy, have things changed over the past decade with regard to local energy sources, to a point once considered impossible. And we all played a part.

To Be or Not to Be, Mountain Communities Have a Choice

Telecommuting and short term rentals make a mountain lifestyle easier to achieve. It’s also gutting communities across the West, including our own. We all have the option to help course correct.

The Real Antidote to Fake News

Forget #FakeNews. Let's talk media literacy.

Would a Buck-Fifty of Words Get You to a 9 a.m....

Just 130 words motivated this guy to take time out of his day to attend a public agency board meeting. And he wasn’t the only one.

There Will Never Again Be Another Manita Nery

The river is raging. While it’s darn beautiful and much needed, I am reminded of a profound loss I experienced 15 years ago due to a freak accident.

The Importance of Sports

An old soccer trophy reminds Mayumi on the importance of sports.

Can We Buck the Trend?

The out-migration of locals from Tahoe/Truckee poses a real threat to our community.


The Soulful Saxophone

Appetite for Destruction

Trash Talk