There have been a lot of interesting creatures in my neck of the woods this month. I’ve seen herons, coyotes, eagles and deer. In the creek I saw some crayfish the size of Maine lobsters. Recently on a trip down to the meadow I was greeted by a herd of sheep.

The sheep were grazing, hanging out and following each other around like, well sheep. I ran over to check things out and was greeted by a pair of white Great Pyrenees. These dogs are all business. They barked at me as I approached and as I got closer they ran up and barked something that translates into English as ‘beat it.’ I told them to ‘lighten up, this is Tahoe.’ After I said this, my person started calling me from across the meadow. That was the only reason I turned around.

We continued our walk and watched the sheep and their dogs from a respectful distance. Later when my human friends weren’t paying attention I snuck around and ran towards some sheep. I was promptly greeted by one of the working dogs. I turned around again but I made sure and took the long way, prancing and strutting past all the sheep. Man that was fun. The Pyrenees did do a great job. I only saw two dogs and they managed that herd just fine.

Testing the patience of working dogs is fun but I also like to visit some of my friends at the shelter. When I pulled up I was greeted by my handsome friend Petey. It was reported erroneously last month that Petey had been adopted. Petey, a border collie/pit bull mix, has been living in a foster home but still longs for his forever home. Petey made the local news last month for rescuing a lost puppy. He’s been getting hounded for interview requests ever since. When I asked for a comment from Petey, all he would say was, ‘adopt me.’

There are many different friends to choose from this month in an array of styles and colors. Last month’s friend Arthur has found a home but as soon as we have an adoption we get more pups. We even have the latest fad in dog breeding – the labradoodle. A labradoodle is just what it sounds like, a lab mixed with a poodle. They are going for big bucks. You can adopt one from the Humane Society for a small adoption fee. This got me to thinking. I must be part-Heeler, Beagle and Labrador. I hereby declare myself a Heagledor. I can smell the money already.

Our Labradoodles are Shasta and Boo. Shasta looks like a doodle while Boo reminds me more of an Irish wolfhound. We ended up taking Boo for a hike along the Truckee River. He was a perfect gentleman. Boo didn’t swim but we did some wading, sniffing and horsing around. I can sometimes be aloof with my new friends from the shelter but Boo and I hung out like old friends. He is fun to play chase with. We met several dogs and people on the trail and Boo had very good manners. A Jack Russell even tried to bite his nose off (little man complex?) but not even that upset Boo.
He is a pretty big guy, probably weighs between 80 to 90 pounds. He didn’t pull too much on his leash and when we let him go to check out the river he didn’t try to run away. He listens to his name when called and sits on command. I’m sure he would also be willing to learn some new tricks.

Boo looks a little like Bob Seger did in the 1970s. He’s hairy, shaggy and has a long beard. He looks like a wild man but he really is a sweetheart. If you are looking for a furry friend to keep you warm on those cold Truckee nights check out Boo.
Contact the Humane Society at or 530-587-5948.