Whenever we want to meet a new cat, we can count on Scraps Dog Bakery to have one from Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation. This month, I visited the Truckee store with my favorite almost 4-year-old person and met Taz. This bundle of energy is about a year and a half old and loves to run and play. Taz is ready to go: He’s microchipped, neutered, and vaccinated. If you are looking for a boring cat that sits around all day, Taz is not the cat for you. This guy is feisty, fun, and tolerant of small children chasing him with cat toys. What more could you want? We’d take him home, but if we get any more animals I think we’d legally have to open a zoo. For more info on Taz, call (530) 582-5044 or stop by Scraps Dog Bakery in Truckee for a visit.

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