Several days ago I was informed that I was mentioned in two postings on regarding an article that was written about the Truckee Hotel and Moody’s.

After taking a look at both of them I was shocked.

In the postings the person or persons that wrote them implied that they were a friend of mine and stated that I am suffering from a devastating case of cancer and that the Truckee Hotel had let me go.

Both of these statements are not true. I have been in remission for the past 18 months and as for the hotel letting me go there is nothing further from the truth. In fact they have treated me very well.

After a long absence my position with the hotel was still available for me to return to which I did on a trial basis. I made the decision not to return for personal reasons. After declining the position I was asked to stay on to help with some of the special events train a new manager and help with some marketing projects which I have accepted.

If this person was a friend they would be aware of these facts.

I contacted Mayumi Elegado Moonshine Ink publisher and talked with her about the posting and asked her to remove them from the site. She said she would contact the person that posted them and when she tried she found that both email addresses were no longer useable. This leads me to believe that they were just used to send the posting.

I think it is sad that someone would use me or my illness to vent their anger further their own political agenda or voice their own resentments at the hotel.

If all of the negative postings are as accurate as these were maybe we should reconsider any judgments made from these postings.  

Many of you may not know that Leo Burke was one of the owners of the Truckee Hotel for many years and that he bought out two other partners who were part of a much larger corporation.  

If you looked into every business in Truckee you would find that a vast majority small and large are incorporated. The talk about the ‘corporations’ and the implication that they are all evil is purely naive.

On a personnel note Leo Burke the visionary who’s kept Moody’s afloat and has great plans for the hotel always had time for me during my treatment and recovery. He continually called and asked if I needed anything: his time shoulder or wisdom. He is a generous and kind man.