As any good musical patient knows, you should come in for a check up at least once a month and get a down-home dose of free-flowing funk. Fill your prescription this month on Thursday, Jan. 20 when the Pimps of Joytime and their ‘funky ride’ perform at a rail jam at the Crystal Bay Club. The Brooklyn-based band plays a blend of musical styles, combining elements of Afrobeat, salsa, rock ‘n roll, and electronica. According to the group’s Myspace page, the Pimps of Joytime ‘have evolved into a road-tested and audience-approved groove machine,’ and they’re sure to kick-start any winter evening dance party. Their smooth and soulful sounds will get you shaking down and coming back for more.

I had a chance to catch up with PJT’s frontman Brian J, ‘a charismatic and soulful visionary, whose well-crafted songs invite the listener to enter a world of infectious dance groove and indelible melodies,’ and ask him a few questions about his music.

Moonshine Ink: How did your band name come about? Do you feel like a justified pimp?

Brian J: A friend of mine came up with it. I was almost done with the record and didn’t have a name. Once I heard it, that was that. I like it. The name has style and isn’t too serious, but sounds like fun. I felt like if I had heard that name I would be curious about the music.

MI: Everyone seems to have such a good time at your shows, what do you attribute this to?
BJ: The music that we make; from the songs to the rhythms to the vibe on stage has an affect on people. We enjoy ourselves, and that shows. Our shows are a funky good time. The music comes from a soulful place and that is where it tends to hit people. I hope the Tahoe people come out and rock with us at the show.

MI: Who are your biggest musical influences?
BJ: There are so many, like Sly and the Family Stone, Fela Kuti, all the New Orleans music, the funk, the brass bands, Mardi Gras. We are also influenced by reggae, Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals. Basically, anyone passionate about music.

The Pimps of Joytime recently recorded a new album, ‘Janxta Funk!,’ due out sometime in February. The group will be playing a bunch of new material at their show in Tahoe. To listen to a few songs from the album or to grab any more info on the Pimps, check them out at or on Facebook. Stay tuned for a new website that will be out soon.  
~ Ryan Salm

Info: Rail Jam featuring ski and board movies with free music by the Pimps of Joytime; movies at 9 p.m., music at 10 p.m.; Crown Room show, Crystal Bay Club Casino, Crystal Bay, (775) 833-6333,