In response to the letter to the editor about paving paradise (Nov/Dec 2006), nobody from out of the area is trying to pave anything. It is actually people from within the area who are interested in creating more vibrant downtown experiences, providing safe walking and biking opportunities for locals and visitors alike, and improving the circulation of our quaint, small towns and larger region as a whole.

I am a member of the North Lake Tahoe Main Street Design Committee, the group that brought the Livable/Walkable workshop series to the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee region. Our completely volunteer-based committee worked many hours to put together that series of workshops. Not a single one of us is from outside the area and as a matter of fact, we probably have a combined 100 plus years of experience with living in this region. Thank you to those who attended the series.

All too often, whether in Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, or virtually any other community in this country, when a development project, road construction project, or other controversial community issue comes into the public realm, we, the public, are left to simply comment on the details of that particular project as proposed. All too often, we are told this is how it HAS to be. The goal of the Livable/Walkable workshop series was to educate the general public as to what is possible and financially achievable within a given project, so we have a clearer picture of what WE want and then can articulate that vision to our local government agencies, private developers, and neighbors.

Finally, as the Kings Beach Core Improvement Project begins their public outreach in January, we should all strive to bring meaningful, non-derogatory, forward-thinking comments to the table. This is not the time for conflict; it is a time for positive change that will affect the residents, businesses, and visitors for the next 25 years. Yes, businesses will be impacted for a short time, but those impacts will quickly be erased once the project is complete. This project will address many of the issues impacting our community and we need to keep that in mind as we plan for the next generation of Lake Tahoe locals. With a positive and educated dialogue, issues around lake clarity, scenic beauty, pedestrian safety, and overall appearance of the Kings Beach core can be resolved. We are a passionate community, but that passion must be focused on reasonable solutions, not negativity. As a business owner on the roadway, I look forward to change and I look forward to positive community dialogue throughout this process.

~ David Polivy is a Kings Beach resident, partner with Tahoe Mountain Sports, and Program Manager at the Sierra Business Council.