Spirit Gallery, an interior design studio, gallery and showroom located at 10009 West River Street in Truckee, turned one-year-old on August 29. The business started as Spirit Interior Design 16 years ago, started by Cathy Nason, a professional designer for over 18 years.

    MI: What are you looking forward to in your second year as Spirit Gallery?
    CN: Holisticically and energetically awakening people’s spaces so the individual may then connect to their true self. Spirit’s intention is to present individuals with a space to inhabit which facilitates the nurturing of themselves, while being mindful of the materials used in the space is not harming the earth or the individuals.

    Moonshine Ink: What does spirit mean to you?
    Cathy Nason: Spirit…The energy of all things interconnected, in perfect harmony.

    530-587-0948, cathynasoninterior.com