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Read about Tahoe Truckee’s local food culture, get a roundup review of local venues, catch a new recipe, and find out what’s in season.

American Slavery

So, dear readers, I guess it's time to boycott Burger King and eat at McDonald's instead. Right?

Quick Bites: Feed Your Belly

Being on the road doesn't mean you can't eat well. Check out these recipes that will keep you full and happy during all your festival adventures.

Tune Out and Tune In


Tea is rich in health benefits. It’s lightly caffeinated, uplifting to the mood, heart healthy, and rich in antioxidants, particularly l-theanine. Ellen Tobben brings tea ceremonies to the people through her new business IntentionaliTea.

Quick Bites: Make Sushi Like a Pro

Preparing sushi at home can sound daunting. But don’t put away your chopsticks and soy sauce just yet; making sushi in your own kitchen is not as difficult as you may think.

Quick Bites: Foie Gras Back on the Menu

After a two-year ban, foie gras is back on California menus, and some local chefs are stoked.

Sweet Peppers

It's always best to eat in season. Jen Ellermeyer and Mountain Bounty Farm tell us what to look for.

Quick Bites: Soup for Fall

With the leaves changing, it's time to pull out the puffy. You can think warm thoughts in the kitchen, too, with two recipes to warm your body and fill your kitchen with delicious scents.

Sierra Harvest’s Sustainable Food & Farm Conference

Sierra Harvest’s Sustainable Food & Farm Conference is not solely for the career farmer. It is for the rancher, the farmer, the homesteader, and the foodie.

What’s In Season | October 2015

Foothill Roots Farm is primarily a Community Supported Agriculture farm located in the foothills of Placer County in Meadow Vista, Calif.

Tofu is Your Friend

Protein-rich tofu is plant based and made of soy beans. It can take on almost any flavor you could dream of seasoning it with — given the right preparation.