When we thought about what we could share with you in our food section this month, it was apparent to all of us here at the office that yep, it’s ski season and we’re all just trying to cram food in so we can make it to the slopes and still have time to do a good job at our actual jobs. So, here’s what a few of us at Moonshine like to eat before we head to the hill.

MOLLY recommends Coffeebar’s energy bites. “I think they’re delicious. They’re like peanut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds … but their purpose is to be a healthy source of energy rather than a sugar packed granola bar,” says Molly. “I like them because they’re really tasty and I know that they’re a healthy option.” Molly chooses Coffeebar because of the sense of community and the people who work there. “I snowboard at Squaw and there’s one in the village, which is really convenient because I can stop in and grab an energy bite and a coffee and jump on the Funi,” she says.

WADE likes to stop at New Moon in Truckee for something simple before riding at Squaw. This intermittent-faster likes to grab a green drink from the cooler or the juice bar and a protein bar on the days when he feels like he needs to eat something before heading out. “There’s nowhere else to get anything in Truckee,” he laughs. “The other grocery stores are crowded, it’s right next to the interstate, and New Moon is a hub for healthy foods,” he says. He likes to fuel up on protein and vegetables for maximum energy on the hill.

SAGE’S pre-backcountry stop is always West Shore Market for a sandwich before he heads out. Embracing his German roots, Sage goes for the typical bread, cheese, and meat diet to power up for skiing and imaginary snowmobiling. “Not only is West Shore Market on the way to some of the most breathtaking backcountry in Tahoe, but the sandwiches keep pretty damn well stuffed in your backpack for a peak snack,” he says.

LAUREN says that “as a carb-craving vegetarian, I realize on energy draining powder days I need a little protein.” Lauren is a bagel and cream cheese addict, but heads to The Crest Café on her way to Alpine Meadows for a little something extra. “That quick-burning stuff makes me feel like junk in the long run, but if I can load up the bagel with eggs, avocado, and cheese, that keeps me going longer,” she says.

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